Brangelina Bless The Rains Down In Africa

April 25th, 2006 // 61 Comments

Okay there was no rain, but I tried to come up with something catchy. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s pleas to be left alone may seem a tad hollow, as a result of the appearance of this Hello! Magazine photo shoot.

Many ore images of Angelina Jolie, Brad PItt and Zahara, after the jump.

(Images via Simply Brad)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Just A Thought

    The girl in the picture is her Assistant and friend of many years named Holly. FYI to you all.

    The reason for the photos: It’s the “supply them with photos to reduce worth of photos and to reduce paps harassment theory” A lot of stars have caught on to this.

    Paps will harass you until they find a picture – an exclusive worth millions. So celebrities do two things, either they will pose for a general paps picture so that no one paps gets the exclusive like Paltrow did with Moses in NYC or they give an exclusive photo to one paps in exchange for millions which they donate to charity. Julia Roberts did this with People magazine and her twins. She gave the money to an environment org.

    Jolie/Pitt figure they are going to be harassed anyway for pics, so why not let paps have a pic and make it on their own terms? I think this is incredibly smart. Plus, as the public and media salivate over the pictures – they are left alone for awhile until the event of the new pictures dies down.

    It is a very smart move.

    Also, it is a controlled way of publicizing their causes. Sit for pics, have them sold and make sure Hello talks about their causes. Smart again.
    This is the kind of thinking you have to do as a celebrity – at least a savvy one.

    Celebrities and giving: No matter how giving, how qualified or how experienced a charitable person is – they will NEVER have the publicity and attention a famous star has. This is not Angelina’s fault. This is the nature of celebrity. They get more attention for going to the bathroom. I mean look at the site we are posting on. How many posts are asking us to discuss UNICEF’s chief organizer and whether she or he is married, divorced or having an affair?

    Let’s not be hypocritical here. We are part of the celebrity obsessed by our very own reading, posting and debating on this site. So don’t criticize the fact that Jolie gets more attention than the little people at UNICEF who do more.

    If so, maybe we should all move to the UNICEF site and go post there and have our debates there. Not so sexy huh?

    Also last point, why don’t we have a post where we exclusively bash stars who DON’T do charity. Why do we only attack the ones who do because they are not being supposedly sincere?

    What about the ones who are partying it up on their Yachts (sp) and not giving – isn’t this a greater evil than publicizing your charity?

  2. Jackson

    If it’s NOT the nanny, why does the magazine caption (which I’m sure they had approval over)say she’s the nanny? You can’t be so naive as to think these two don’t have nannies – if you are, that’s so cute……..

  3. It is NOT the Nanny and it IS VERY COMMON for captions to NOT match up with they picture they are on/over/under. Often times the print will get all laid out and at the last minute someone will swap out photos and not edit the caption or someone is just doing sloppy research with thier captions…either way miscaptioning happens quite a lot.

  4. Jackson: It is not the Nanny It is not the Nanny It is not the Nanny It is not the Nanny It is not the Nanny It is her Assistant Holly It is not the Nanny It is not the Nanny It is not Fran Dreschner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Why shouldn’t she have a nanny anyway? Shoot, when my hubby and I want a break from our 1 year old and have a night on the town or have a little romantic date, I get the babysitter down the street for a few hours. Every week we do this. I’d go nuts if I did not have a babysitter. As a matter of fact when I just gave birth, I had a full time person cause I needed help. Does not mean I don’t love my baby. I’d kill for my child but to be a good decent mom – I also need some time off to regroup. As a mom, I can tell you Angelina looks like a good doting mom. I am very impressed by this family. My husband and I are considering adopting and I have been very influenced by her adoptions. We just want to wait another year or so but we are going to do it. Thanks in part to Angelina’s campaign for adopting. In the little town where we live, you don’t usually think of the rest of the world. We have two cars, nice house and good jobs. Now, I am thinking of expanding the family to include a needy child overseas. And it may be an African child too – not sure. So she has done good in the world. Ok, sorry. Can you tell I am not used to posting? I’ll shut up now. Thanks for letting me rant.

  6. rrampil

    Shirley I think your eyes are playing a bigoted trick on you. Remember black is beautiful. Comments like yours should be basketed.

  7. mark

    Why don’t we just be nice to one another at least? Why don’t we just let anyone wear whatever they or their mothers want them to wear?What’s the problem with that? I am not black nor white, I belong to an invisible race if you know what it means (like this world is only for the black and white people).

    I work in health care industry and I’ve seen a lot of people from other countries come and work here, bring their own customs and traditions. At first it’s not comfortable to see them with scarf or turban or watching them eat their own food which other “superior” race finds gross. Mind you this certain race finds Jerry Springer show a delight because it’s a reflection of their own lives. That’s total GROSS!

    So, people stop watching what other others wear. Look at yourself in the mirror first. Do you see a model or a fat pig that tries to look like a superior race? As far as I know, there’s only one race and that is the human race.

  8. marilyn

    definitely can’t wait till they get married I am so thrilled,can’t help keeping an eye on the latest news…..They’re just wonderful and amiable couple! thank you for all the lovely comments,anyway……..cheers to brangelina fans.

  9. Gloria M


    Fool! There’s a difference between having dozens of people chase you with cameras while you go grocery shopping and setting a date for one photographer to take your picture.

    Maybe it won’t last, but why do you hate them so?

    People like you can do humanity a favor by making your will out to all the starving people and then killing yourself!!!!

  10. Gloria M

    Glenda – You go girl!

    But, Miss snide who accuises others but herself “has no clue” you can go you know where!

  11. shandy-lei

    I agree the kids are very cute….too bad their mom’s a whore and their dad is an idiot……….poor kids.

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