Brangelina Bless The Rains Down In Africa

April 25th, 2006 // 61 Comments

Okay there was no rain, but I tried to come up with something catchy. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s pleas to be left alone may seem a tad hollow, as a result of the appearance of this Hello! Magazine photo shoot.

Many ore images of Angelina Jolie, Brad PItt and Zahara, after the jump.

(Images via Simply Brad)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    HOW FREAKIN CUTE ARE THESE PICTURES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They look so happy. Its adorable. I love this. I really do. Where is madox thou ??!! Besides that I love this. Just too cute.

  2. tia

    Oh wait I see Maddox now. Okay thats cool. Why is he only in one pic ??

  3. anon

    Are you kidding me? They annoy me to no end.

    “We are going to the farthest corners of the world because we cannot have you invading our privacy. Well….no, I guess go ahead and invade our privacy with posed photographs…and if you pay us enough we’ll have you publish them so that no one will forget about us while we’re in africa. can’t have our marketability decrease while we are gone.”

    I give them one full year of bliss post baby. Then they are over.

  4. Glenda

    I am so tired of seeing little Zahara in that Aunt Jemima head rag. If they don’t know how to take care of a little Black girls hair then hire someone who does!

  5. Rudedog

    Why are they letting that child eat sand?

  6. hey, it seems britney is pregnant again, if you believe US magazine. Check out

  7. GLENDA:










  8. Like the great African desert where they are, my love for Brangelina is wide and goes on forever.

    I am truly touched by these pictures. I am overwhelmed. May the Universe bless them, their beautiful children, and the unborn little Brangelina. This s just too beautiful. Love and peace to all.

  9. NiQ

    I think they are a wonderful blended family, and they treat those children with so much love! I don’t care what anyone says about brad and angie…they are great together. If they survive, great…if not, thats great too. But it’s no one’s business but there’s. And he is still better off without that fugly jennifer aniston.

  10. Glenda has no clue...

    Thank you Glenda=Whack! You beat me to it! :)

  11. I know they are the “it” couple right now.. but I’m so over them. Mr. and Mrs. Smith SUCKED

  12. Rumor

    They are looking happier and more relaxed than I have seen them in months. That sweetheart baby Zahara is just precious, no matter what is or is not on her head. She’s seems like a quiet little girl who is just taking in the world. The kids are cute, the parents are cute. The photos are great.

  13. Fake

    I can’t believe it. I actually felt sorry for them for a minute. They complain about the media while simultaneously court publicity. These photos just increased the frenzy of the paps.Ridculous.

  14. Kris

    People can say what they will about Brangelina but they always seem to be with their kids and not a nanny in sight. Dang cute kids, too, and look healthy and well-loved. You go Angie-girl.

  15. lylian

    They look great. I’m glad they posed for the photos. Its the sensible thing to do from what I’ve read. The first real photos of them in Namibia would have fetced a lot of money. Now other photos will be worth less and may just make it less worthwhile for the paps to stay in Namibia.

    Rudedog, you let a child eat sand so that she’ll work out not to eat sand. Its reverse psychology.

  16. Me

    Zahara is adorable and I love her little scarf! It’s so nice to see her fattened up and it’s nice that her mother embraces her childrens cultures.

  17. Tealeaf

    I think they look great, and the tabloid mags wanted pics of them..well here they are. They haven’t done tons of interviews or been on the covers of every magazine…so Iam not sick of them. They aren’t all over each other in public also. It takes a ignorant person not to realize that in alot of african countries women/girls wear their hair tied.Anything to say something hateful towards them. They said they were sick of the Razzi photographers, these pics are from a Hello magazine spread with a authorized photographer! Big Difference

  18. The Mav

    Little Zahara is adorable. She has really beautiful eyes.

  19. Emma in London

    Do those two EVER smile at each other??

  20. Grace

    Why does Brad always look like the hired help?

  21. hey this is a cheap way to get vacation photos!

  22. bk_magnolia

    ok 3 things:

    1) Glenda, you’re an idiot. The Aunt Jemima comment only proves the depths of your ignorance. If you’ve seen any previous photos of Zahara, you know she’s still got her baby-down hair & not much of it covering her head… in the hot hot heat of the African desert, doesn’t it seem to make sense that the child’s little dome should be covered, lest it burn? and yes, Black women often wear scarfs for *gasp* fashion & function.

    2) Putting these pics in Hello! prevent them being hunted by the paparazzi, for now at least. the pictures have been taken ON THEIR TERMS and released to the press ON THEIR TERMS. i think it’s brilliant.

    3) no nanny. no handlers. just happy parents & their happy kids… those of you who find anything wrong w/ that are just looking for something to hate on.

  23. Draya

    I like these two, like their manner with the kids. I just like them. I get why they consented to a photo shoot with “Hello”. it’s better than having the stalkerazzi dogging you all over the place. Give the press a bone.

  24. Shannon

    For everyone that criticizes Brad and Angie for the photos… remember that the photos that Angie allows to be taken have ulterior motives, everytime Angie appears in a staged photoshoot the money goes towards charity, whereas the paparazzi take photos so that they can get money. Greed vs. charity… I say good for Brad and Angie taking the high road and allowing any photos of them to profit worthy charities.

  25. Ligaya

    I don’t think their simple request to not be stalked and pursued is hollow at all. There’s a difference between trying to satisfy their fans’ and the world’s insatiable consuming curiosity in a limited way in a photoshoot (they seem to be spreading the wealth around between People, Hello!, ABC & NBC, etc.) to the behavior of publicity hogs like Paris Hilton etc.

    If you think Angelina and her family are publicity-seekers, why don’t you immediately STOP printing their photos and any gossip about them? I didn’t think so — you and all the self-righteous media are getting higher circulation by exploiting them. What *I* find hollow is your holier-than-they posturing.

    I’m sick of Angelina & her family being made scapegoats, when what they’ve done is to do the right thing as much as possible.

    I challenge each and every critic of Angelina to bare all the details of your life to the world, including the good deeds you’ve done and how much of your income you’ve donated to good causes.

  26. Isela

    you go girl (ligaya)

  27. GossipMama

    Uh – one of the photos actually *shows* their nanny so I think the ‘no nanny’ thing is pretty much debunked.

    Not that it matters – they’re a beautiful family

  28. Ldysunfyre

    She looks like she’s finally gained some weight and looks VERY healthy as a result. ‘Bout time.

  29. 4ever brangelina

    i love these photos. they melt my heart. they make the perfect couple, full of love for their family and awareness of the plight of those less fortunate. i can’t name anyone else who is as unselfish and generous as these two amazing individuals. anyone who harbours any resentment against them, should really look at THEMSELVES in the mirror.

  30. Sandy

    Angelina Jolie has earned respect form many of us who are involved in the charity driven work. She does not need to apologize to anyone for she is doing more in her young life than most people do in a life time. Like the previous blogger said, we are yet to see shallow Hollywooders sacrifice their superficial, glamorous, revenue-driven lives to be a full-time loving mom to children who would not have had the opportunity otherwise. We also contribute to this media frenzy by consuming these products with our hard-earned dollars. So, let us put this tabloids out of business one at a time. Let us insist them to publish stories on celebrity’s charity work. Remember we the consumers have made all these celebrities filthy-rich. At the end, I would like to see that my money has contributed beyond a superficial life style for Hollywooders. Angelina and Brad bless your heart.

  31. That is the ugliest baby I have ever seen. I always knew black people were the ugliest people on earth. Most babies are cute or beautiful, but all black babies are ugly as hell! No wonder nobody likes them. They look like monkeys, for Christ’s sake.

  32. fairmaidenvoyage

    lmao!! Shirley you are RIGHT that is the ugliest baby.. I think the scarf needs to be OVER her face. ugh!! and another thing. Can Morticia never wear anything besides black. Cmon girl put a little color in it. Hmm how bout some pink now that would rock!! She looks like she is constantly in mourning. ugh again!!

  33. Danny

    “Shirley” who was putting-down black people is probably herself an ugly white pig who is herself:

    a)Definitely uneducated, possibly a high school drop-out
    b)envious of Zahra why she/he was not chosen for an adoption by the Jolie-Pitt
    c)peers of either sex pay no attention to this person
    d)Lonely and angry at the world
    e)Looser in school, in carrier and life in general
    f)Everyone thinks she is inferior, not good enough
    g)Very insecure
    h)Definitely Jerry Springer audience material..etc……etc….etc………… etc

  34. Divadawg

    Shirley…You must be in a lot of pain. Hatred is an evil thing both for the “hater” and the “hated”.
    Hopefully life will show you that we are all humans no matter the color of our skin. Peace.

  35. ohpleaze

    I totally disagree that black babies are ugly. I work in L&D and black babies are by far the most adorable as a group. And FYI you’re a racist asshole.

    That said, Zahara truly is one ugly fuckin baby.
    I’m sure out of the many babies there were cuter than her, but Angelina wanted to make sure her daughter wouldn’t be prettier than her when she grew up.

  36. Rumor

    I’m going to ignore the ignorant racial comments. The person(s) are probably just trying to rile everybody up on purpose, and I won’t be a party to it. If they truly feel that way, it’s their right. Thank God that most of us don’t.

  37. Being a woman-of-color who was adopted by a white family, I feel I can give a unique insight onto the whole Zahara Jolie situation.

    1. She looks wonderful in these pictures
    2. It’s a wonderful thing that she was adopted
    3. Angelina, in my opinion, is doing “right” by Zahara and Maddox by making sure they are in touch with thier native cultures…unlike…dare I say it, that wacko Tom Cruise who on Oprah, basicly stated that he did not notice that his son was bi-racial….Connor is a mulatto aka black & white. What the heck? How could you not notice? No matter how much love one gets as a child from ones parents, there are just some things that you cannot overcome. There is NO AMOUNT of preparation a white person can give to a black person for the first time they are called the “N” word. There is no way a white man can teach his black son how to be careful when being pulled over by the police. These are the ways I think Tom Cruise is failing his son and they are also the way that Angelina is not failing her children. Angelina has made it a point to surround her children with those of many cultures and races, especially thier own. Tom Cruise does not have any black male role models in his son’s life to help prepare him for the very things I have already talked about; in fact Tom seems oblivious or at least protrays himself to be, that his son is in fact, black.

  38. Miu, I am checking out. No longer posting here. Too much ignorance.

    You can have a post about a multitude of white folks and you hear no racist comments.

    Once you have a black person on a post, then the post automatically turns to race even if the subject matter is not about race.

    Goes to show, whites are incapable of getting beyond the black skin of a black person.


    Zahara will inherit two very big Hollywood fortunes. You go girl! You were born under the luckiest star. The people who hate you for being black could not even afford to sweep your bedroom floor – you are that much of a mogul at 1 years old. As a matter of fact, I bet your nursery is bigger than their entire homes put together.

    God bless you Zahara. You deserve this amazing fortune.

  39. JerseyGirl

    “People can say what they will about Brangelina but they always seem to be with their kids and not a nanny in sight. Dang cute kids, too, and look healthy and well-loved. You go Angie-girl.”

    Not having a nanny means nothing. Child abusers don’t have nannies as to prevent witnesses but it doesn’t mean they’re great parents. I’m not saying that they’re child abusers, but the absence of a nanny does not a great parent make.

    Does anybody know the point of having these pictures taken? I’m not going to assume anything because I haven’t read an accompanying article to these pictures, if one exists. It seems like they’re being kinda of hypocritcal to ask for privacy and then release these pictures. If they did in fact donate the money they recieved from this photoshoot to charity, then I commend them for that but I highly doubt that.

    I read this somewhere else and I thought I’d ask it here. What exactly does Angelina do in Africa? We know she’s a UN Ambassador and works with Unicef but all that has been kind of recent. She’s been doing whatever charity work she does for a while before she joined those organizations, so exactly what is she doing? What cause is she supporting? She’s gets all this attention and praise for doind charity work and “bringing attention to the cause”, but what is it? Orphaned children? Unsanitary living conditions? Starving people? Lack of sufficient and safe housing? What is the cause that she’s bringing so much attention to?


  41. Glenda

    for all you Black wanna be’s, if Zahara’s head was covered due to the heat that would be one thing. But that little scarf thing has been on her head in Paris, getting on the plane, and in the park. A Black woman’s glory is her hair, and it should not be covered. Baby Zahara’s hair, no matter if it’s thick and “nappy” or thin and “fuzzy” should not be covered. It should be oiled, brushed, and her crowing glory should be displayed for all to see

  42. glenda, you obviously seek attention. i bet you are not black but a racist trying to incite.

    and if by some remote chance you are black then you need to take your wannabe sister souljah ass out of here and get on the streets and start protesting for little 1 year old black girl rights! go on with your bad self sistah!

    and while you are at it, please protest for those wanna be straight haired blonde bimbos like beyonce to get rid of those fake weaves and show some pride!

    what’s worst, zahara’s scarf of every video ho, r&b star and black supermodel with some straight blonde weave down her back talking about being proud of her blackness. maybe tyra might have you on her show and you can dissect her blonde weaves! and invite naomi campbell on while you are at it too.

    girl, please!

    just before i get my hair done, you know those two weeks before when it really needs some help? my ass is in a scarf, girl. thank god i work in the arts and walkin’ in with a fabulous scarf does not put anybody off. plus my ass is gorgeous so i work it! girl please!

    you have seen what 4-5 pics of zahara? have you seen her everyday at home? so you are going to judge her by like 5 pics of her outing with her mom?

    whatever girl. like i said go out into the streets and protest girl, protest! what black people need is not social security reform, health care, better education, and aids awareness *(black women are the highest aids at risk group in america) noooo! what they need is a protest of the 1 year old millionaire daughter of angelina jolie cause she is wearing a head scarf too much.

    you go girl glenda! you go with your bad self!!!!!! enlighten us!

  43. Nice post Jersey!

    I know this thread is supposed to be about the Brangelina picts but I got to vent….Tom Cruise really pisses me off. I’d like to open the floor up to discussion about my previous post. Does anyone else see something wrong with Tom’s inability to talk about the fact that his son is black or if we want to be PC about it, bi-racial? It don’t matter if Connor’s last name is Cruise….an LA cop will shoot him first and ask questions later just as if his name was Mandingo Zulu.

    And like you say Jersey,with the media constantly pushing a “whitened” version of black on us…that boy is gonna grow up to be one hell of a crackpot! Just look at people like Nicole Richie! Can we please say “wanna be white?” When I look at beautiful black sisters like Halley Berry, who has never tried to “whiten” herself, except for her role in Queen…It just makes me gag when all these woven headed, bleached blond, blue contact wearing BAPS (Beyonce, Lil’Kim, Rhianna, etc) want to run around and the world holds them up as the standards for beautiful, black women! And when we look back in history and list the most beautiful women in history, MOST of them are dusky, if not down right dark complected!

    Nefertiti, The Queen of Sheba, Cleopatra(while Roman, still has a dusky skin tone….hell even the highest paid and most celebrated “Supermodel” of all time: Iman, is a women of color. It’s time for The USA and Hollywood in particular to stop trying to push the idea that blond hair and blue eyes are the image of perfection on us.

  44. oh! jerseygirl, i think your not a brangelina fan, bec. if you are, you will know what cause is ange doing in africa. let me update you… she’s giving support for education, giving help suppot for orphans, foods. didn’t you see their pics in Haiti. they’re bith dancing with Haitians- should i say. it’s cool, atleast they don’t just sleep with their moneys…;)

  45. Glenda

    this is not actually glenda but i am her daughter. you people say that my mom is a racist or a black woman that doesn’t remember the black “customs” of wearing a head rag. i have one question for you, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO JUDGE WHAT SOMEONE SAID?! if you wear scarves because of your religion or because of the heat or whatever, that’s your business but don’t say someone isn’t black just beacause of something they said on the internet. i constantly see pictures of little Zahaira with scarves around her head and i’m getting a little tired of it too. i am an African American teenager who hates to cover up my hair. i let my hair down whenever i can. YOU are the people who obviously have no lives or you wouldn’t be commenting so much on what other people say about some celebrity that you’ll probably never meet. i am not looking to argue with anyone over the internet. arguing over the internet is like running in the special olympics. even if you win you’re still retarded. so i’ve said what i had to say and i’m done with this.

  46. Jackson

    You dumbass, the caption on the AUTHORIZED picture says it’s the NANNY !!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. JerseyGirl

    You’re right Jersey21, I’m not a Brangelina fan. I find it strange to be a ‘fan’ of a relationship. If you are an Angelina fan, then I would assume you would know what she’s doing, but I meant something different. As someone who isn’t a fan and doesn’t follow her every move, the details are always a little fuzzy on what exactly she’s doing.

    Why is that when a celebrity becomes a UN Ambassador or works with Unicef they get praise, but the people who do this everyday don’t? When the UN has to make the really hard decisions, Angelina’s not there.

    And on top of that, she’s not the only celebrity who does charity work and it’s a little annoying to hear people talk about her like she is. Sandra Bullock donated $1 million to the Hurricane Katrina Fund right after it happended AND didn’t want to talk about it. She didn’t go out and brag about what she did. Alyssa Milano works with Unicef too and developed which provide family friendly internet searches. There are other celebrities, and people in general, who do good things. Angelina’s not saint, she’s is running with everybody else.

  48. And let’s not forget Bill Gates….yeah we can all say how horrible Microsoft is but Bill Gates dontates more to charity, every year, then the COMBINED TOTAL of Celebrities/Power People #2-10 on the top 10 celebritys who donate $ to charities. That man gives away hundreds of millions of $ every year. How about we hear a bit of praise for that? Instead of how vile Microsoft is? And btw, Microsoft and it’s programs, technological developments are directly responsible for the saving of hundreds of thousands of lives every year. BUMP that!

  49. Rumor

    I admire Bill Gates too, but Oprah Winfrey is Numero Uno in my book. Any idiosyncrasies she may have, I can easily overlook. That wonderful black woman had so much against her (especially being poor and raped as a child), yet she overcame in the best way. Oprah is rich enough to be completely selfish. Instead, she’s passionate and dedicated to helping people. She covers some of the most important topics that no one else cares to. Child molesters, Africa’s atrocities, Hurricane Katrina victims–you name it, she’s on it. Then she’ll turn around and bring such joy into others’ lives by giving them cars, making their wildest dreams come true, etc. She doesn’t have to do this. She could sit back and concentrate on amassing even more billions like Donald Trump and many others, but her life is about service. God bless Oprah. She is tops.

  50. JerseyGirl

    I love Oprah. So many people bash her talking about her weight and not marrying Steadman as if they’ve never had a weight problem or been single in their lifetime. I remember a couple of weeks ago when she made some comment about not feeling guilty about being rich after a friend and her came back from Africa. Everybody got on her case because she said she didn’t feel guilty; if she was poor she wouldn’t be able to help the people that she does and she doesn’t feel bad about accumulating the wealth that she’s worked for.People who critcize her weight or relationship ridiculous. At least she can provide for herself to even have the opportunity to be overweight, at least she found a man willing to be with her without having to be married to her and having a financial stake in it all. For somebody as wealthy as she is, she’s so down to earth.

    Funny how we’re talking about Oprah on an Angelina post, lol.

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