Brangelina Baby Shower Pix

Apparently this photo was stolen from Brad Pitt and Angleina Jolie (they looked extremely happy in the photo), so it has been removed. We give you this lovely unicorn instead.

CBB has posted an exclusive picture from Angelina and Brad’s baby shower, obtained from the memory stick of an attendee. It’s super-cute, to be honest. I almost want to hate on them, just because, but I really can’t and it’s starting to make me wonder if I’m losing my touch.

One thing I can say is that I hope the beauty pageant parents’ syndrome doesn’t work reverse on Shiloh. You know what I mean. You’ve seen the Miss America pageant at least once. Did you ever notice when the attractive contestants come out on stage and wave to their parents, they almost always look like two little Hobbits who somehow managed to give birth to something that doesn’t even look related to them?

I’m just saying, I hope attractiveness is the dominant gene at play here. Cause frankly, she’s got a lot to live up to.

Oh yeah and I guess being humanitarian is important too.

CBB Exclusive: Angelina and Brad baby shower photo [Celebrity Baby Blog]