Brangelina Baby Shower Pix

June 24th, 2006 // 43 Comments

Apparently this photo was stolen from Brad Pitt and Angleina Jolie (they looked extremely happy in the photo), so it has been removed. We give you this lovely unicorn instead.

CBB has posted an exclusive picture from Angelina and Brad’s baby shower, obtained from the memory stick of an attendee. It’s super-cute, to be honest. I almost want to hate on them, just because, but I really can’t and it’s starting to make me wonder if I’m losing my touch.

One thing I can say is that I hope the beauty pageant parents’ syndrome doesn’t work reverse on Shiloh. You know what I mean. You’ve seen the Miss America pageant at least once. Did you ever notice when the attractive contestants come out on stage and wave to their parents, they almost always look like two little Hobbits who somehow managed to give birth to something that doesn’t even look related to them?

I’m just saying, I hope attractiveness is the dominant gene at play here. Cause frankly, she’s got a lot to live up to.

Oh yeah and I guess being humanitarian is important too.

CBB Exclusive: Angelina and Brad baby shower photo [Celebrity Baby Blog]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ava Verhaal

    Come on… Goldie Hawn used to be beautiful… and Kate is pretty too… Ingrid Bergman and Isabella Rossellini (when young)…

  2. pook

    it goes either way. Ugly parents produce pretty kids and pretty parents produce ugly kids. As a rule of thumb though kids whose parents come from different backgrounds are often very pretty. Like Milla Jochovich (I have no clue how to spell her name but the one from Fifth Element). Her dsad is Serbian and her mom is Russian

  3. pook

    it goes either way. Ugly parents produce pretty kids and pretty parents produce ugly kids. As a rule of thumb though kids whose parents come from different backgrounds are often very pretty. Like Milla Jochovich (I have no clue how to spell her name but the one from Fifth Element). Her dad is Serbian and her mom is Russian

  4. ravenswing

    that pic is cute!

  5. Baby Zahara

    I hate Celebrity Baby Blog. They suck now. Especially Danielle.

  6. divagirl

    Both my parents are good looking and my sister and I came out cute; I can only imagine that the same thing will happen for Shiloh. Only she’ll be like DAMN gorgeous. Oh and for the record…Angelina’s dad Jon Voigt was hot(See Midnight Cowboy) and her mom was hot too and look at how she turned out.

  7. Too cute

    This picture is just too cute.

  8. SHILOH WILL BE BEATUFITUL. She seems to look like a blonde with Angelina lips and Brad’s features. How can you go wrong with that?

    BTW, all newborns are fug but she is pretty. Anyway, these two look sooooo happy.

    Braddy and Angie Pooh are the two most beautiful people in the world!!

    When I look at his hearty smile – I can’t stand Chinnifer even more because she prevented him from this happiness to concentrate on a dumb non-existent acting career and not having kids with him.

    I love Brangelina.

    Chinnifer sucks.

  9. Graciela

    They look like they were really living in the moment and enjoying themselves. Kind of slimy for a “friend” to release these though

  10. alina

    I just hope that jennifer doesn’t see this pic ..

  11. Binger

    That is an adorable picture.

  12. Hilary

    I really don’t care about Jennifer. Nothing against her but why include her at all in posts about Brad and Angelina. These pictures are neat. They look like they were really having fun

  13. LuvTHEfamilyPitts!

    So what if Jennifer A does see the pictures?! Why even bring her up? Let it go, it’s over and they’ve all moved on. Brad and Angelina are are family.

    Now back to the subject at hand

    “that is just the best photo ever!”

  14. Beautiful!

    How could two human beings be this beautiful? My Gosh.

  15. j

    I love them so much it hurts.. :>)

  16. Justice

    “The Antichrist, her human concubine, and their unborn spawn.”

  17. delicious_dysfunktion

    Uh,Chinnifer…they refilled your meds,right?Just making sure.

  18. Very Nice

    I love this couple. Yes, I know they are celebrities but so what? That is why we have celebrities – to have something to pass the time.

    Anyway, I know a Brangelina thread should not mention Aniston but Aniston created this triangle because Brangelina are not talking about Aniston. So it is Aniston’s fault that she is always mentioned in same sentence as Brangelina.

    The reality is Brangelina has it better off. Three beautiful kids, a life revolving around family while Aniston is just bent on having an acting career.

    Anyway, I think Brangelina is a great couple and these smiles and picture prove the love between them.

  19. Realist

    The smiles are real and the love is real, but if these two marry, I just know it’s not going to last.

  20. blank

    If only we could see those smiles in public…

    Very Nice, Jennifer did not create this triangle. The only reason she keeps talking about it is because people keep asking her about it. The only reason Brangelina aren’t talking about Jennifer is because NO ONE IS ASKING THEM ABOUT HER. When was the last time Brad even did an interview? When was the last time you heard anyone ask Angelina if she ever thought about Jen?

    God, I am so SICK of people villainizing Jennifer Aniston over this issue.

  21. Lisa

    Oh goodness now we have people pulling comments from their butts again. The Antichrist? Get real. First you need to look up the definition for every word you used because they aren’t used correctly. Anyway, I’m not against Jennifer but believe me she like every other celebrity set boundaries on her interviews. She has a team that let people know what is off limits and can easily used the No comment or deflection answer that she uses often when it comes to her relationship with Vince

    Nevertheless enough of her in this thread. We’ll discuss Jennifer in threads that deal with her and leave her out of the others.

  22. Jon

    I love couple baby showers. My wife and I had one. It made the focus on celebrating the baby that we BOTH created.

  23. NotAboutJen

    I’m sorry, but excusing Jennifer by saying

    “The only reason she keeps talking about it is because people keep asking her about it.”

    …has got to be the most lame thing I’ve read in ages! She could have made the same requests Brad & Angelina have before aggreeing to interviews, and that is “if certain questions are asked and/or subjects alluded to, we will leave the interview.” Both have given plenty (not anywhere as much as JA) since the split…..Angelina has given 3 in the last 4 months and not once was she asked about anything pertaining to JA/BP/herself. Bottomline is Jennifer Aniston WANTS the mess to continue because if it doesn’t, she’s seriously kicked to the back of the worlds mind. If she’s being villianized it’s because she brought it on herself!

    NOW, can we PLEASE keep the subject of Jennifer Aniston OUT of Brad & Angelina threads?!

  24. Baby Zahara

    “She could have made the same requests Brad & Angelina have before aggreeing to interviews, and that is “if certain questions are asked and/or subjects alluded to, we will leave the interview.”

    Sooooo…… then the media will go on about how much of a bitch she is for not answering the questions. It’s all a vicious cycle. The public seems to praise Angelina & Brad and Jennifer seems to be getting the backlash. Not saying that Jennifer hasn’t had her fair share of magazine articles and what not, but the majority of people seem to not like her anymore.

  25. Thanks Brangelina

    I prefer people who talk about AIDS and dying kids over people who talk about their broken heart.

    Broken heart conversations are for your shrink.

    Thanks Angie and Brad.

  26. Baby Zahara

    Well then, take your ass to some remote country and then you can hear all the stories you want of kids dying and people with AIDS. “Broken heart” stories aren’t leaving the tabloids any time soon. Don’t forget, we heard many of times about Angie’s “broken heart.” I’m sure we’ll hear all about it when her and Brad don’t work out. So, yeah, THANKS ANGELINA & BRAD!! You’ve turned your fans into fucking dumbasses!!

  27. Memories

    Angelina made a comment once that really stuck with me. It was something about how when she found a man who would love her son, she would have to marry him…

    I think she said that in the media to get Brad’s hopes up because it was right at the time of the making of their movie, and she had previously been making statements about all of her lovers, etc and how she didn’t need to marry again.

    She’s basically a sweet person, but she needs to be a little more honest with herself. She seems intent on being “different,” and I’m not sure that she doesn’t purposely create mystery around herself to get people’s attention…

    photo above is lovely…looks like they’re having fun.

  28. NotAboutJen

    Baby Zahara…

    So what if the media would label her whatever? Why not see the real deal here for once and stop painting who isn’t a victim A victim.

    Jan 05….Brad & Jennifer had a nice friendly sun filled separation/vacation with buds David & Courtney in Antiqua. No fireworks or tears reported, and even pic’s of them hugging, laughing and if they hadn’t released the press release, we would have left it as two celeb couples having nothingmore than a friendly getaway.

    Mar 05….Jennifer Aniston files divorce “irreconcilable differences.” Brad & Jennifer “together” hire a private judge to oversee things. Again just like with the separation, no fanfair, no angry fingerpointing, and from all we get from the couple themselves, “out of their mouths” this was a joint decision based on a breakdown of the marriage over a period of time, and nothingmore.

    Apr 05….Photo’s showing nothingmore than two adults and a child on a beach in Kenya hit the newstands. Photo’s showing no physical interaction that should lead ANYONE to believe that there was anything inappropriate.

    Sep….Jennifer Aniston Vanity Fair interview nearly 8mths after not one word that suggested that the friendly separation, or the amiable divorce was somehow not any of those things.

    Suddenly she’s the poor, pitiful, jilted, dogged holding back tears, trying so hard to be strong, how could she be so clueless, ALL AMERICAN GIRL NEXT DOOR who’s husband has run off with the femme fatale.

    PUHLEEZE! Jennifer Aniston and her PR boy HUVANE saw a chance and took it. 5 movies in the can and all that free publicity for the asking. Every mag cover that mattered and her inside blaming everyone but herself. Then she’s on every talk show pretending she doesn’t want to talk about her life in one breat, and then in the next she somehow gets the subject in there anyway.

    She’s even belittled the very group she went after for support! “Don’t use me for your pity party” was blatantly a message to those who so-called identified with her.

    Jennifer Aniston is full of it. While the public is busy calling Angleina a homewrecker and husband stealer, and Brad a cheater, and without honor, the real person here without any is Jennifer Aniston for allowing people (who choose to) to believe the lies over the truth. How it wasn’t until it looked like opportunity careerwise did she suddenly allow herself to be viewed as the poor pitiful one.

  29. Thanks Brangelina

    Well then, take your ass to some remote country and then you can hear all the stories you want of kids dying and people with AIDS. “Broken heart” stories aren’t leaving the tabloids any time soon.

    Cause Africa is the only place where AIDS discussion should take place? I volunteered for people with AIDS right here in the US. Some of the patients were daughters of millionaires, artists, athletes, etc. You name it. AIDS is here in the US and in full force. Opne your eyes DUMBASS.

    Again, I repeat: Someone who talks about the tragedies of the world is infinitely more interesting than someone who talks about their broken heart.

    Angelina is in every tabloid paper, on the cover of every magazine, her newborn’s pictures go for $4 million. Clearly, there is HUGE interest in a woman who is smart enough to talk about important things rather her boo hoo broken heart.

    So you see, you are wrong. The tabloids are all over Angelina. And she talks about charity.

    You DUMBASS!

  30. #29 was to “Baby Zahara” – a clearly bitter person who is probably rally undeducated and unattractive. How does she make-up for it? She/he attacks the beautiful woman who is doing UN charity work. Poor “Baby Zahara” – must be tough being unattractive and dumb.

  31. Alyy McBeal

    Rod Stewart, the rock singer, separated from Alana Hamilton in 1980′s. He never processed the divorce papers. He met Rachel Hunter and only until I think Rachel was pregnant did he finalize the divorce to marry Rachel. So, this gap in filing of divorce papers was over 5 years.

    People separate and move on. The divorce paper is just a formality. There are people who don’t file the divorce papers for years – sometimes legal reasons and sometimes other reasons.

    Brad and his ex wife separated legally. The dumb paper was filed after. So what, they knew the marriage was over and they announced it to the world.

    They (Brad/Aniston/Angelina) did nothing wrong. You people need to get your asses out of the 17th century and get a grip. The pity cry was a media ploy for Aniston to boost her career. if not, why share it with the world?

  32. Peace Out

    Who cares about the stupid divorce? Who cares about when things were filed? What I really hope is that Aniston grows to be an old Hollywood movie star who writes a tell-all book before she dies. I want to know everything from her point of view because I trust her more than I trust Brad or Ange to tell the truth.

  33. Baby Zahara

    I NEVER said Jennifer was a victim. I don’t think she’s a victim at all.

    “Thanks Brangelina,” you’re an idiot. I never said go to “Africa” because AIDS doesn’t exist in the U.S. The majority of the population in the U.S. does not care to read about AIDS. It’s sad, but true. Everyone is aware of what AIDS is and how to prevent it, yet, it’s still an epidemic here. Go figure, right? Yes, what Angelina does is amazing. I won’t deny that. But, the majority of the population, believe it or not, DOES NOT CARE!! People would rather read about Britney Spears instead of reading depressing material on young children dying of AIDS!! You seem to not understand that.

    The reason why Shiloh’s pictures brought in so much money has nothing to do with Angie talking about these tragedies of the world, as you say. She was just some weird Goth chic that a lot people didn’t care for until she got with Brad Pitt. Since they are considered the “World’s Most Beautiful People,” it’s only natural that there’s going to be a big hoopla around them. Of course, everyone wants to see what their biological child is going to look like, so why not fork out the $4 million for pictures? It’s been one of the most hyped stories ever since people found out she was pregnant!!

    Now, you come on here trying to attack my intelligence and my looks, yet you know nothing about me. Grow up with your petty remarks. You seem to be the one who’s bitter.

  34. Miss Hannigan

    some of you people are hysterical. I can just see you getting all fired up about this crap in front of your computers as you type away your angry messages, feeling self important. Meanwhile the rest of the world does valuable things with their energy.

    I’m not saying it’s not ok to read these sites, clearly I do. But the day I fight with someone in the comments section is the day I take a long hard look at myself.

    just my 2 cents

  35. Thanks Brangelina

    BBABY ZAHARA: MY POINT EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes people don’t care about AIDS instead care about reading about broken hearts. However, here is the clincher: ANGELINA IS SMART ENOUGH TO USE TEH PUBBLIC INTEREST IN HER PERSONA TO PARLAY IT INTO TALKING ABOUT CHAIRTY AND AIDS.

    Yousee, she knows nobody gives a crap about charity and such – she knows people are interested in her personal life but yet she does not give into it. INSTEAD, she does interviews talking about Darfur and refugees. That way, she knows people are coming to view the interviews out of a bizarre fascination with her but they leave hearing a woman talk about charity.

    This is what sets Angelina apart from dumb actresses who come on Oprah, or talk to Vanity Fair to whine about how miserable their lives and their loves are.

    Angelina, is smarter than that and probably the only one who has enough of an intriguing personality to pull it off.

    And that is why people like you can’t handle her. You can’t figure out the magic – the reason why she can do it and not others. You are jealous. It is clear.

  36. Audacte

    And, here within the message board of a gossip site; do we see the demise of our society: assumptions; quick judgments; personal attacks and no substance ;-)

    Now, on a lighter note: I watched Troy last night… I am beginning to suspect that Brad may have only 4 facial expressions and 3 tones of voice. While I agree he is great eye-candy (amazing eye candy in Troy, actually).. he is no actor. I am not saying he may not be a good business man (i.e., Plan B Productions, or his architecture hobby)… I just think he is woefully inadequate as an actor.

  37. Small Fry

    Audacte, may I suggest watching his next movie after you hit the “mute” button on your remote. I agree, he’s much better to look at than listen to. ;)

  38. Baby Zahara

    “Thanks Brangelina,” you’re basing her intelligence off of the fact that she talks about the world’s tragedies in gossip magazines? Wow!! That’s REALLY impressive!! People still don’t care!!

    And you’re right….I am CLEARLY jealous of Angelina. I’m jealous of that fat ass bank account she has!!

  39. Fabiola

    Miss Hannigan–I could not have said it better myself! It never ceases to amaze me how much wasted emotional energy there is out there. What is wrong with these people anyway?
    Fact is, this is not a good guy/bad guy situation. JA, BP and AJ—they are all media whores.

  40. Lola

    I was more of a fan of Angelina before. She’s lost a lot of her “magic” for me, although I believe she’s a very decent human being and I commend her for her charity work. It’s just that she’s so visible now. She used to be more untouchable. She seemed unreal and so unique. Now we’ve seen the good and the bad. There is bad because she was involved in a relationship scandal w/Brad and Jennifer, that none of us seem to know the truth about, though we continue to argue about it. Angelina is just a human being like the rest of us.

    Johnny Depp will always be intriguing. He knows how to keep things to himself and live a private life. He’s gracious and allows us little peeks into his life, but that’s about it.

  41. Tealeaf

    Call me a stalker, but I want to see the rest of those pics! With that said, what a jerk for stealing them.

  42. too bad

    To Baby Zahara:

    You Jealous of a woman who gives on third of her paycheck to charities? You are jealous of a woman that doesn’t strive to be vain but rather give of herself to others by sacrificing of her time and energy even while she was pregnant to aid those in unfortunate circumstances?

  43. too bad

    While you get jealous just remember the good she does for people. both here and abroad.
    Here are a few places.
    Katrina victims. New orleans
    The balkans
    she even pys for legal help for those people that here without representation to keep them from being deported back to human trafficking in thier country.
    She gave a substantial amount of her time at last year LIVe8 concert.

    She has helped to build schools, donated not only her money but also physically goes to these countries to speak with these people.
    Yeah you should be jealous.

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