Brangelina Actually Talk about Brangelina

The couple whose passion for philanthropy matches nearly as nicely as their various outfits have finally decided to sit down in an interview with NBC’s Ann Curry about their relationship. The interview is part of the promotional campaign in which Brad and Angelina have been engaged to promote their film, “A Mighty Heart,” which recently premiered in France. But the media attention from the movie is nothing new for this high-profile couple.

“Truthfully, it doesn’t feel much different for us because we’ve usually got a camera following us around everyday in some capacity,” Brad said.

Angie also opened up about her relationship with Brad.

“I have this man with me, who’s helping me through this, and loves me,” Angelina said about Brad.

“And who lets me pick out his outfits,” she forgot to add. Just kidding! I know they do great stuff for humanitarian causes. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to make fun of his copycat wardrobe from time to time.