Brad Pitt Takes Angelina Home To See The Family

You know they’re still puzzling over why Brad left down to earth, eager to please the in-laws Jennifer Aniston. Hell, his Mom still hangs out with her! Brad Pitt and the Most Beautiful Woman in the World and their four kids popped in for a family visit in his hometown of Springfield, Missouri on Wednesday. Angelina must walk into the house and attempt to be polite, but you know she gives off iceberg waves. I would too if Mom-in-Law had basically declared she was on Team Aniston. Angie must not make it every easy, looking all pale and standoffish and constantly talking about the plight of third world countries and not caring what Mrs. Pitt’s best friend Cissie made for the Spring Pie Bake-Off and Hog Call. Brad’s sister in law Lisa told the local paper that the people of Springfield were just “so cool” in their acceptance of Brad and Angie and the United Nations Patridge Family Bus they’re driving around. “I think they really, really appreciate Springfield, ” new celebrity Lisa added. Until Angie finds out about the sweatshop!