Brangelina Shouldn’t Move Around So Much, Says Therapist

October 19th, 2007 // 30 Comments

Puja Hall, who has worked as a social worker and psychotherapist for twenty-one years, claims that the constant moving from city to city that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been doing with their children will be detrimental to their development. According to the Manhattan-based Hall, who spoke with Page Six:

“Maddox is an adopted child, so he already has a sense of abandonment,” said Hall. “Kids that constantly move are like army brats, in that very often they don’t want to open up to people. They feel loss, and there is a problem with attachment.”

Hall also said that the other children were also at risk, and that once they turn school-age, will face the same issues as the now 6-year-old Maddox. Well, that’s pretty nervy of her. Angie’s rep responded by saying that “it’s nobody’s business what they do with their kids.” And unless it was obvious that these children were being abused, I tend to agree. I mean, look at me, I’m an Army brat and I have no problem opening up to people! I am completely comfortable expressing my true thoughts and feelings…true, I can’t related to other people without using analogies to celebrities, but that’s not a big problem, right? (*Nervous laughter*) I’m not a freak.


More photos of Angelina Jolie on the set of “The Changling” after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. T-Bone

    I think the people on this board have pretty much been saying that for the last two years.

  2. Chaz

    I’m a military brat too, and Puja Hall overstates things in a big way (and while I’m not adopted, I’m guessing the “adoption = sense of abandonment” thing is a stretch too). Frankly, I don’t think a truly reputable psychotherapist would make a statement like that to the media about people they don’t know. And for the record, I have no stake in the silly Brangelina Wars at ASL.

  3. SF_Gal

    Didn’t she say when she adopted Zahara that she wasn’t going to be working as much so she could provide some stability?

    I’m not sure I agree that it’s no one’s business how others raise their children. Look at Britney. Look at the elder Lohans. CPS exists for a reason.

    I’ve actually been wondering how fucked up these kids are gonna be not only from all the schlepping around the world they do, but how Brangelina insist on creating a frenzy every time they drop off/pick up. It would be so easy to have a body guard or nanny do that, and they can be waiting in the car. Honestly, how many kids at Lycee Francais actually have their own parents pick them up? They love the attention like Brit and Lindsey.

  4. peachpie

    Lisa — don’t listen to him. people on the boards have NOT been saying you are a freak for the last two years. Maybe just a little nutty — but freak just crosses the line.

    heh — couldn’t resist T-Bone. just kidding around. and yeah, everyone on Planet Earth has been saying that for quite some time. you know that somewhere in saigon, belgrade, and probably antarctica, ppl are yakking about how brad & angie are destroying their kids lives by not providing a stable home environment. let ‘em yak — at this point, it’s no one’s decision but the jolie-pitt’s.

  5. I’m an Air Force brat – my dad was in the service for 24 years. We moved around quite a bit, and I’m fairly well-adjusted. Because I moved around so much, I actually find it easy to make friends and keep lasting friendships.

    On the flipside, my older brother is somewhat antisocial.

    I think that the impact that moving around a lot during your formative years has is highly contingent upon your personality and how you’re raised by your parents.

  6. I think this will change the way the kids think for sure… moving locations is very difficult on kids.

  7. Random

    I find it kinda scary that in the first picture Angelina’s legs are WAY smaller then the small child next to her. Someone feed her please!

  8. T-Bone

    Totally agree Cait. Couple of differences though:
    Military folks have to move around/Brad & Angie don’t.
    In addition, you’re probably a biological child of your parents and have felt their stability all of your life./Brad & Angie’s kids have had very little stability ever in their lives, and were taken from totally different cultures. Their situation requires much more “kid glove” attention.

  9. Fair point. We had to move because Dad was an officer – first a fighter pilot who was constantly on TDY around the world, and then a military intelligence specialist with a desk job. We were constantly on display as the Major’s family (which is normal at higher ranks, unfortunately) and battled through tons of kid-glove issues (open heart surgery for my brother, deafness as a child for me), and despite this, our home was always warm and loving – no matter where we lived.

    I think it’s possible to create a stable, supportive home life regardless of how much one moves. I’m no Brangeloonie, but I think that for this therapist who has no intimate knowledge of what goes on behind the filial walls to make such blanket statements borders on the absurd.

  10. Angietothemax

    Oh please there is no exact science to raising kids. There are plenty of people who were raised in the so called normal environment with both parents and a steady home and still grow up to be psychos or have issues with society. I don’t think Michael Jackson gets this much grief for his parenting skills and those are questionable.

  11. jen

    We’re all still waiting for lying Angelina to take that year off to spend time with her kids. That wasn’t a big lie, was it?
    New Orleans wasn’t a big lie, was it?
    Phonies! Big phonies!

  12. different

    can’t really compare military lifestyle of moving around every 2-3 years to moving around 5-6 times in ONE year. kids NEED to establish friendships. maybe she actually wants her kids to be completely attached to her and NOT have other friends.

  13. nastybugger

    ya know, angietothemax, I’ve always thought you were one of the more sane (and respectful) brangeloonies…

    But “questionable” is an awfully tame word to use to describe MJ’s parenting… :)

  14. mahw

    Meh, the psych may be overstating things a bit, but it doesn’t seem like it could be good to go to school for six weeks and then move. Military kids move every 1 to 3 years, and sometimes end up meeting up with people from a previous base. Six weeks is not enough time to make a lasting friendship or get to know anyone well. I think that can be generalized. But Maddox does have his siblings and they are a constant.

    Does AJ look like Geena Davis (or Gina Davis or however she spells her name) to anyone else in these recent photos, or is it just me?

  15. ellyn

    Former army brat here also. There just is no one way to raise a child. There aren’t any real studies that show harm because of moving around. There are also many differing factors involved. Did you movie cause Dad lost his job? Move because of family dissolution? Lots of differences that could contribute to potential psychological harm having nothing to do with actually moving. It really does revolve around the parents and their ability to make the kids feel loved and secure within the family unit. That’s all that matters at their ages.

    I am also troubled that a professional would speak out of turn like this. And to the trashy NY Post at that.

  16. Janie

    Since this “expert” is saying what you all want to hear, maybe you should go to her web site for her credentials.

    She is not a child expert, but a couples expert who gives advice on sexual and couples issues.

    Remember, this is the same newspaper who bragged they were moving to NY and three days later, they left, leaving them somewhat embarassed. So they find an “expert” to say what they want to bring them down.

    Again, anyone who believes what is printed in tabloids about anyone, not just these two needs to think twice.

  17. someone

    It doesn’t really matter what any one says, Whorelina will do whatever she wants to do..She is very selfish in some respects…

  18. Angietothemax

    Nasty, I think I’m just too nice sometimes. But I couldn’t think of another word to call MJ’s parenting style.

  19. nastybugger

    I don’t know angie…”freakish” and “damaging” come to mind…

  20. green cardigan

    My other half is the son of a Colonel in the French army and spent his childhood on the move every few years throughout his childhood and teenage years. He was a little wild in his younger days (calmed down now thankfully) but said that he went through a time of not knowing where he was from and feeling rootless. On the positive side, he is very outgoing, believes in himself and loves to meet new people and travel.
    I had a very traditional upbringing and we are one and the same, i have my strengths and weaknesses. I think its really down to the family unit.
    Having said that though, adopted children are a different kettle of fish. I think they need that little bit extra to feel they belong. I would love to see Brang settle down and give their lovely children routine and a sense of being from somewhere.

  21. green cardigan

    by the way, excuse my bad grammar and spelling. I always hit ‘post’ and then reread and think ‘oh dear’.
    So this is a general apology for past and future typos :)
    My intentions are good, I just don’t always get there!

  22. Huh?

    What does this doctor know about child psychology?

    She’s an internet porn psychologist.

  23. Huh?

    What does this doctor know about child psychology?

    She’s an internet porn psychologist.

  24. green cardigan

    by the way, excuse my bad grammar and spelling. I always hit ‘post’ and then reread and think ‘oh dear’.
    So this is a general apology for past and future typos :)
    My intentions are good, I just don’t always get there!

  25. queencrone

    O.K. everyone is probably done commenting on this item, but it just tickles me!!! My kids would love to trade places with these kids. According to my kids we are BORING. They are very BORED.
    because there is NOTHING TO DO.

  26. Ugh

    I’m a Navy brat and we moved a lot, BUT we had a stable mother who was always in the house and we were going from base to base which made it easier since the majority of the other kids had moved a lot too and we were all well adjusted to the situation. They don’t have a stable mother or father and that makes a huge difference. They have attention whore parents which is going to ruin the kids since they can’t go anwhere without the reps placing calls first to alert everyone. They’re being raised by nannies and when the nannies are gone the only stable things in their lives will also be gone.

  27. nei

    T-Bone, you’re talking through your hat!
    Those kids are a long way away from even realizing their ‘cultural’ differences. The ‘kid gloves’ you seem to think are neccesary might be the case if the kids were much older when adopted. You sound absolutely clueless. And would you go to any therepist who makes such personality assesments from afar?

  28. Miss Kitty

    I have to agree with others here who’ve noted that moving around every 2 to 3 years is VERY different from moving every 3 to 6 months. Hell it takes most kids (and adults) about 3 to 6 months just to adjust to a new location.

  29. just thinking

    You guys believe every sh*t thats written.

    First of all didn’t anyone bother to check out that this so called therapist is not even a child psychologist..She is a sex therapist…

    Talk about idiots….

    Do your research and stop being so gullible..

    If it were such a detriment then why is it they look happy?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with traveling the world with your children. Most people would kill to have the chance to bring thier kids to work with them.

    They still have close family ties and the children have interaction with others.. they were not locked up in a house.. they were taken to daycare and enjoyed a whole year of it overseas. Do you know how many times I had to move b/c of my job and my kids are very well adjusted with more friends than normal b/c of it.

    This fake therapist (cause really sex therapist are nothing more than paid to make their clients horny)comment carries absolutely no weight.

    Its like the debate they raised when the mothers return to the work force.. remember how the so called experts jumped all over those working women..well those working women helped pay for their kids education and now have reaaped their great rewards..

  30. geepipe

    She is not stable mentally or physically and that is that, you can’t compare this uprooting of the family to normal families because she is not normal never has been and never will be, please go away!

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