Angie and Brad’s French Delivery

April 30th, 2008 // 9 Comments

We’re not going to say we told you so, but we totally did. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are serious about their relocation to France and are preparing for the arrival of their newest bundle of joy in Angie’s mother’s homeland.

The couple is still scouting hospitals, while they are currently staying in the Mediterranean villa belonging to Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen. On the French Riviera, Brangelina will be living in the lap of luxury while Angie attends the Cannes film festival for two films of hers and also while the brood waits or her to give birth this summer.

By the way, I’m still waiting for Angie to get fat. I seriously don’t understand how it’s only her breasts and belly that swell. It’s a feat of science.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Bird

    It’s not that she hasn’t gained weight anywhere else, it’s just that her limbs and such only weighed one pound each before. Now she’s just almost normal.

  2. Your Mama

    They’re moving to Chicago? That’s where her mom is from.

  3. spaz

    these two are SO full of it.

    yes, her mother is NOT from France. She’s from the US, and her heritage is French Canadian.

    Besides that, what happened to staying in New Orleans? Didn’t they rave about how wonderful living there was?

  4. Cunning Stunt

    The sooner they leave the better.

  5. lola

    I don’t get it…all the moving around like a band of gypsies – how do the kids handle school? Why don’t the parents worry about how the kids are going to fare when they are older and have been in 30 different schools all over the world, with no real roots or consistency in their lives? This is bound to have repercussions as they get older.
    All in the name of….hmm….can’t figure that one out either…

  6. Ugh

    Gosh, wonder who all they called to alert them so they’d have their pictures taken once again. I’m so sick of these two attention whores and their stupid lives which they are creating for attention and not worried about the kids at all.

  7. peachpie

    lol! the doorman in the last photo looks like he is praying to the almighty virgin angelina… too funny.

  8. me

    Why doesn’t the rest of her swell??? It’s so infuriating! At least the rest of them all look horrible at the end, just like the rest of us. (maybe just me) Did you see the pix of J-Lo at the end-she was a monster!

  9. blady02

    So predictably boring! I am also sick of these two and I wonder why they are immune to the restrictions of the law concerning those children, all of this constant up-rooting is going to leave them confused and schizophrenic! Oh well like mother like kids I guess, but when the other shoe drops and the Pittiful has moved on to someone else I hope there is enough money to divide among along the delinquents they are producing! Glad they left Tx., the town celebrated Holy Jolie’s departure. What a demanding bitch she was and her little Pittiful dog too!

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