Angelina Jolie Waves Hello To Pregnancy

February 26th, 2008 // 14 Comments

Angie knew exactly when to show off that belly, didn’t she? I give it to her, she’s a sly one. Angelina Jolie and weird 70′s looking lately babydaddy Brad Pitt skipped out on a pre-Oscar jam the night before, allegedly so he didn’t run into the ex. I would have thought the Most Beautiful Woman In The World would have jumped at the chance to let her know she’s having his child again, but Brad probably talked her malevolent ass out of it. This event was at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and Jennifer Aniston was there mingling with George Clooney, Jake Gyllenhaal, Seal and Heidi Klum before retiring to a private bungalow. Perhaps she was checking on the status of her frozen eggs. Yeah, Angie gets pregnant and we get tons of weird stories about this ages old triangle. Supposedly Jennifer put her eggs in a freezer because she wants to be able to have babies and she’s circling 40. Yeah, tomorrow she’ll have purchased an orphanage. Here’s your grain of salt.

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Photos: Splash

By J. Harvey

  1. Zekers

    I just can’t get past how sickly-thin she looks…that can’t be good.

    Brad is channeling his inner 70′s porn-star. It was a sleazy look then…still is.

  2. 2 Old 4 This

    Zekers – I agree w/you about her size. Particularly the profile shot, showing her elbow.

    I pick my teeth with things bigger than her arm bones!
    Here’s to a healthy weight gain, leading to healthy offspring

  3. ladytalata

    Angie dear, you look gorgeous, don’t mind the haters. And Brad, well I cant say the same for him because of late he’s been looking a bit messy. Well BRAGELINA is still the hottest couple ever. They rock, BIG CONGRATS

  4. Zekers

    Gorgeous??? I guess if one is into the scary-anorexic look.

    Not a “hater” just call ‘em like I see ‘em…

  5. mojoman

    Ok, we know Angie is preggo blah blah big whoop. Just for the love of Gawd do not start the Jen Vs. Angie debacle again, topic is getting old and rotten.

  6. Ugh

    I’m so sick of these two. And I guess she’s going to do whatever it takes to keep her nanny Pitt around.

  7. 2 Old 4 This

    Ladytalata – not hate doll, just concern

    go back to drinking the kool-aid, loonie*

    * THAT was hating – see the diff?

  8. JanePitt

    They will never go away as for being the hottest couple around, please. Take a look at Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, two of the better looking people in show business. Mangie is not beautiful with those primate features. Her hands alone are enough to frighten people.

    Brad looks like a man who has just given up, pretty soon we will see him in a liesure suit. Hooking up with mangie has destroyed his career, credibility, and his once good looks.

  9. LindaB

    Somehow I think Jennifer A looks at pics like the ones here and thinks…thank God I got rid of the dork. This couple and their child zoo is getting scarier every day. We all know how much time and one on one care all children need to thrive. They just keep adding to the brood and you wonder how those kids are going to grow into functioning adults. They are not toys to bring out to play with when you are feeling like acting like a family. Unless they have a couple of nannies on duty 24/7 there is no way they can give those kids the attention they need. They are on movie sets and “goodwill missions” and otherwise occupied much of the time. Those types of activities require everything and everyone else come second for that period of time. If their kids are being raised by nannies shouldn’t they slow down a bit so their each of those kids actually get some parenting from a parent??

  10. Jellin

    Just a couple of ?’s. Does Brad still smoke weed/cigs? He confirmed it in Rolling Stone 1 time. Also how much did they have to pay her bro & her lesbian lover to drop off the face of the earth, as they apparently have. 1 more, does Brad still have/love animals the way he did with Jen. Just some things that make you go hmmmmm! Oh, one more thing, can’t wait for the kids to see her and Billy Bob’s interview about how they just had sex in the limo LMAO!

  11. Benj

    Poor baby is getting starved before it’s even born, and she thinks her *adoped* kids have had a rougher start in life?

  12. Stickler

    Why is she so damn skinny??? Can she stop being so skinny? People keep calling her “sexiest” whatever and that’s building up this false image of the skinny girl being sexy. Hello eating disorder nation. We’re too fat as a populace, and we worship the bone-thin.

  13. jacklyn

    describing angie as ‘sly’ is quite a nice way of putting it….

  14. kilyworking2008

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