Brangelina Give Good PDA at the Critics’ Choice Awards

January 8th, 2008 // 28 Comments

At the Critics’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles last night, Brad Pitt and Angelina looked every bit the happy couple, giggling, nuzzling and whispering sweet humanitarian nothings to one another. Angelina was nominated for her performance in “A Mighty Heart” for the title of Best Actress, which went to Julie Christie that evening for her role in “Away From Her.” But that didn’t seem to put a damper on Angelina’s evening out with Brad, whose affection for Angelina can only be matched by his current love for tweed. And according to Angelina, hearing that the Golden Globes have been canceled simply means to her, “I’ll just be home with my kids. It’s all right.” And Brad will be rearranging his newsboy cap and scarf collection. Why? Because it’s fun.

More of Angelina and Brad getting cozy at the Critics’ Choice Awards after the jump.

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Photos: WENN/Getty Images

By Lisa Timmons

  1. FreakyZ

    Both of them looking dirty and scuzzy as usual.

    I caught a bit of the show last night but switched it after every twenty seconds of the camera panning to these two… even when the host and/or presenters were talking about categories and/or actors that had nothing to do with them. Even my teenage daughter was saying “Enough already, she’s disgusting.”

  2. Sloane

    Question: How many actual movie tickets have they sold lately? For all this manufactured PR, I don’t think many are paying to see them.

  3. hoosiermom

    His hair always matches the hair of whomever his lady love is. What a tool.

  4. Ugh

    Again, FAKE! It’s all for show. He’s her bitch and nothing more. She strikes me as the type that loves to show that she’s slept with a married man OR woman. Looks like Jon Voight in drag.

  5. Man these two look like something my dog puked up!

    Karma is a bitch!

  6. blah

    Wow, I love both of them so I actually think these photos are cute. Sorry guys.

  7. T-Bone

    All I can say is they better stay together. They’ve got like 15 children, AND, they want more!

    Don’t love either of them. Just sayin…for the kids.

  8. kate

    i can’t stand these two. they are so fake.

  9. jenn

    Those PDA’s are the best acting either of them have done in years.

  10. anonymous

    Not to bring up the ex(who has gone on happily with her life BTW), but, don’t these pictures from behind look exactly like pics taken of him and the ex at one of these shows. Just asking.

    I still don’t believe they will last though. Too far, too fast. Good luck to them and their children(including those they’ll “crap” out).

  11. Hey Cupcake

    Oooh. I know we all hate Angie, and heaven knows her forehead veins freak the shit out of me, but Brad looks hot, period. Yeah, messy hair and all that, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers.

  12. Sloane

    Hey Cupcake, you might kick Brad out of bed the next day when he started dressing like you and coloring his hair like yours

  13. Hey Cupcake

    Er, Sloane, somehow, I don’t see Brad as the evening gown type. As for dyeing his hair brown when Angie has brown hair, um, my boyfriend also has blond hair and wears jeans, but I don’t think he’s becoming me. Or is he??!?!

    Brad’s hot. I’m standing by that.

  14. LeslieD

    This the hottest Brad has looked in awhile. Other than that what a boring pair of aging actors trying desperately to stay in the spotlight.

  15. Angietothemax

    They look so hot together. I just like how they only have eyes for each other and off in their own little world. They could so care less about anything going on around them.

  16. Charly

    Thanks ASL for the pics. I love this couple so much, they look so cute together…awwww

  17. Charly

    Thanks ASL for the pics. I love this couple so much, they look so cute together…awwww

  18. Charly

    Thanks ASL for the pics. I love this couple so much, they look so cute together…awwww

  19. Lucky pair

    Angie is so beautiful she looks like an angel. Brad is so gorgeous and sexy, he’s getting finer by the day. I bet they have great sex, lucky them.

  20. Jadybug

    It’s must be hard for Brad to watch his friends (like Casey affleck) drool over Mz. Jolie’s striking beauty.

  21. Pepe el Marino

    Damn!Angie is the hottest thing ever, I wish I was Brad Pitt.

  22. green cardigan

    These two come alive when the camera is on them. The are so completely self aware. Its a thirst like sharks have for blood. Its second nature to them. (Music from Jaws playing in the background as Brad and Ange hunt down the opportunity to have a flash bulb go off in their eyes….).

    Angelina is a stunning woman. Brad is a moron of the highest order.That cheesy shit eating grin does my head in. I dislike vanity in men. In my book, there is something not quite right about a 40 something year old man with 4 children spending so much time on his hair and looks. He’s always messing with and dying his frigging hair different colours.
    Give it up old timer! Let nature run its course.

  23. fanny

    FreakyZ said:



  24. blady02

    Oh look the has beens are back stoned and faking it as usual! He looks like he needs to take a bath and she has her usual smug horseface look, I bet she is thinking, “If I don’t win something I am going to dump you and your blob!” Bitch has ruined that man! And no he doesn’t look hot he looks like he didn’t have time to take a shower, probably because she makes him take care of all those foreign kids!

  25. Angietothemax

    It’s always one extreme to another when it comes to them. If they would’ve just been sitting there it would’ve been it’s so over between them. If they show affection it’s fake. And it’s such a baffling idea that they are just two people that really love and enjoy each other and their life together. And Brad’s hair was already dyed that color for a movie he just finally got rid of that ugly skunk streak he had for the movie.

  26. Mome

    I can’t quite put my finger on it, but yea, these two seem a bit fake and definitely in love with themselves (who knows about ea. other).

    I think Angelina has a very pretty face, but she’s a bit old looking now and her body isn’t very nice. Although I respect that she’s doing so much to help others, I think her constant hipocrisy is off-putting, and I totally see a need for attention in her.

    Brad I don’t find to be “the hottest man ever” as some ppl hold him out to be – he seems little and cute…but put him next to a REAL man like Javier Bardem or Eric Bana, and he ends up looking like a Zac Efron: cute and good looking in a feminine kinda way. No denying all of those 4 men have “good looks,” but 2 of those look like MEN and exude sensuality…while the other 2 end up looking like pretty boys.

    Also, WTF with him ALWAYS adopting his girlfriends looks? Ewww…

  27. blady02

    The hair is swept to the front to conceal balding on the pittiful! LOL! Stone again!

  28. Love it. His hair has never looked better. I assumed he was suddenly balding which explained the hats, but he needs to work it while he’s got it. All men eventually bald at least a little.

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