Cannes Wasn’t Rollicking For These Two?

May 29th, 2007 // 61 Comments

Apparently, these two are on the outs. I’ll believe it when the papers are filed.

According to Now, in Cannes this week, the couple looked less than joyful. Angelina, 31, is reported to have blurted out to one interviewer who asked about their relationship: ‘So many parents today do separate and they still have a commitment to the children.’ And a source tells the Daily Mail: ‘If they look unhappy it is because they are.’

Other reports have said that the pair argued loudly in Cannes as Jolie still wants to live overseas, and Brad wants to return home to the United States.

I don’t know what “do separate” means. Hopefully, it’s some kind of typo or she speaks in a strangely stilted Most Beautiful Woman In The World dialect. Eh. Whatevs. I actually want these two to make it. She’s hot, and he seems like an ok (if slightly boring) guy. And damn, does she look good in that dress or what? The Most Beautiful Woman In The World!


By J. Harvey

  1. Ldysunfyre

    They made out hardcore at Cannes in the back of a limo. X17 has the video.

  2. Angietothemax

    Whatever. The way those two were making eyes at each other and making out in that car. That couldn’t be further from the truth. And if she actually made that comment it would’ve been splashed all over the internet by now.

  3. maureen

    Oh, J Harvey, love of my life, I knew you must have one fault somewhere. Ah, well, I suppose your troublesome adoration for the celeb I despise only slightly less than Julia Roberts simply acts as a foil for the remaining wonderfulness that is you!

  4. sassyne

    Well, they were in a pretty hot kissing session that really needed to be moved to a room in Cannes also. So, I seriously doubt thay are on the outs.

  5. jenny

    oh yeah, a hand on the a$$ is always the sign of two people “not happy”. hee hee.

  6. sassyne

    OOps typo. It’s “they”

  7. sassyne

    OOps typo. It’s “they”

  8. cdawg

    J. Do separate. as in the verb not the adjective. Do sep – ah – rate. As in pre-divorce

  9. hottie

    Brad sure is being possessive in that last pic. He’s saying “mine”! LOL

  10. jenny

    Why would two non-married people have to pre-divorce? unless………. :)

  11. nanc'

    Not lovin’ the hand on the ass. It’s trashy and very teenage especially given the setting.

  12. God her arms o’death give me nightmares! If i saw those veiny man hands coming at me, i’d faint from terror.

    Most beautiful woman my arse!!!

  13. ELH

    @sassyane – thats neither here nor there, ive had some of the hottest s3x ever with an ex I truly despised. lol.

    Anyway, as for the most beautiful women in the world? I dont think so. She used to be hot but she’s defo lost it over the past couple of years.

  14. Me

    I hope it ends soon. She’s a low-life and deserves someone like Billy Bob again, even though he has more class than she does. I never saw them making out big time in the back of the limo, I saw her grab his face. Also saw when she tried to kiss him and he turned his head.

  15. ELH

    PS: sorry for spelling your name wrong !

  16. I don’t believe the arguing claim…these people are good at keeping their secrets, why would they choose a public venue to air their problems.

  17. jen

    For two people that value their “privacy” so much they certainly turned it on for the cameras while at Cannes….hmmmmm….I say it was all for show…. Before both of them left their most previous relationships I believe there were many photos of them being all “cosy” with their exes….

  18. hes got that im in trouble look on his face not a divorce look just ass on the couch for three days look.
    she obviously lost weight her mom who cared bout her and she cared about who evidently wasn’t a bitch which is all she is faced with now died. How many females does she have to tal to.

  19. Angietothemax

    I think the only thing these two were unhappy about was Brad having to go to Montreal to film and Angie having to return to Prague alone.

  20. Angietothemax

    Actually with Billy Bob and Angie the writing was on the wall before they divorced. There was no more affection between them. There was an obvious distance between them. Brad and Jen really weren’t together until they took their vacation then announced their break up. Come to think of it there really aren’t that many pictures of them together.

  21. Mueller

    Uhhh, the National Ledger is the source. It writes about the same c r a p as Life & Style and every other tabloid out there. There goes the credibility of that article.

  22. Come on now…There is zero sign of affection between these two in FOREVER (since he divorced) but once rumors leak that the relationship is in trouble, now like magic they act “like teenagers”, “can’t keep their hands off each other”, and get “caught” kissing (in the middle of a papp frenzy)…Imagine that.

    BTW…Little Kingston had a big Happy One Year event…didn’t Shiloh turn a year old a couple days ago? I wonder if her loving parents bothered to be in the same country to celebrate?

  23. marie

    wow he is working the botox.

  24. T-Bone

    Angietothemax — There aren’t as many pictures of Jennifer Aniston with Brad Pitt, because they weren’t attention-seeking media hogs. Jenn is not a huge pap. fan, from what I’ve read. SHe doesn’t sell her life to the highest bidder nor does she pull media-ho stunts to get attention.

    Angelina, on the other hand, does everything she can to stay in the press. She says she doesn’t really want that, but everything she does says otherwise.

    I mean think about it — absolutely beautiful, talented actors like Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Connelly, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johannsen, Julia Roberts, and others manage to keep most of their lives private. How is that?

  25. green cardigan

    Yes, Brad’s cheeks are looking very round and smooth… a bit of comestic aid perhaps? He looks a bit like a rubber ducky.

    And what’s with all these stories of ass grabbing and making out like a pair of 15 year olds in the back of a car? Hello, we know you’re a couple…you have 4 children to prove it. Feeling you need to prove something?

  26. T-Bone

    Green — exactly! They are desperately trying to prove that they like each other. Those who really DO like each other don’t feel this need. It’s the whole “thou doth protest too much” sort of thing.

    YES, Angie-baby, we all see you. Don’t worry.

  27. Angietothemax

    When Julia was the hottest thing out there she was photographed everywhere and on tabloid covers all the time. julis is no longer the hottest thing out there and doesn’t sell mags like she used to. Unfortunately for Anne Hathaway she could’nt pay a photographer to take her picture. she’s not interesting enough. Natalie Portman also falls into the boring category. As for Scarlett she has been photographed and been used for media fodder a lot. She posed nude on the cover of Vanity Fairl with Keira Knightley. If she were with Just Timberlake her picture would be taken just as much as when it was speculated they were a couple.

  28. jen

    I heard that angie likes to play the old school way of dealing with the paps….by calling them and telling them when they can get family photo ops – I imagine she learned the technique from her parents who both knew how to work the system…..I feel no sympathy for her, only her children who are innocent bystanders in a Hollywood life….Pax probably still doesn’t know where he is or who’s going to be there in the morning to look after him or even what half the words people are saying to him mean – BUT he’s got an YSL coat and a trust fund now….

  29. Angietothemax

    Come on first they don’t show enough affection for each other but when they do they’re trying to prove something. It’s so funny they are damned if they do damned if they don’t. But I really enjoyed Angie’s interview with Anne Curry. AMH looks really good I look forward to seeing it.

  30. T-Bone

    Angietothemax — Angelina Jolie pretty much has every symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder out there. YOU might find this exciting and “not boring”. I find it extremely troubling. The fact that you and the press worship such behavior is absurd. She’s hiding behind orphans and charity work, but she’s still exactly who she always was.

  31. Angietothemax – But don’t you think it’s strange that they went from always walking a few feet apart in public to now mauling each other in cars at film festivals ? It just proves to me how aware they are of how the public perceives them and how affected they are by it, regardless of what they say to the contrary…

    Brad and Angie, are they or aren’t they a couple? Their answer is to keep the world guessing by never showing affection to each other.

    And now, after they have 4 children together and its plain for the whole world to see that they are a couple…
    Brad and Angie, trouble in paradise? Their answer is to make out and make eyes for all the world to see…

    There is no denying that they live their life in the public eye by choice and lap up the media attention

  32. Angietothemax

    T-Bone don’t be that way. Girl you know more than me because you have her psychology broken down. I just enjoy what I see I don’t analyze it. I admire but you obsess. Just admit you love Angie you want to be just like her. LOL. Like i’ve said before I’ve alway been a fan of Angie’s ever since Gia. I’ve seen her grow from a troubled teen to the woman she is today. No one on this board is an expert or psychologist and no one knows anymore than what they see in the media. To me Angie sets a good example of what a person can do if they have the passion and the will to put their best foot forward. She gets admiration and kudos because she’s earned them. She put in the work and she reaps the benefits.

  33. Angietothemax

    Green – This is not the first time they have walked the red carpet. They are always affectionate on the red carpet. Even just walking around town she is always touching Brad’s back or looking at him and smiling. She doesn’t mind the cameras as much as he does. I wouldn’t let the media or anyone else control how I live my life either. Like I say what we see is a shot that is taken in 30 seconds it is no way telling how their life really is.

  34. T-Bone

    She’s plain out nuts, angietothemax… Beautiful? YES. Stable? NO WAY! This is yet another game of Angie’s. It’s called “see if you can fool them all into thinking you’re “the good wife” and “the good mother”. It’s an identity issue. She changes identities like I change toilet paper rolls. And just when she has you all fooled into thinking she’s Mother Theresa, she’s going to get bored and become a dominatrix or steal someone else’s husband. You wait :)

  35. jannre

    I certainly wouldn’t want to be like Angelina, shes phychotic. And she did make the comment in an interview a while ago, about couples seperating and still being committed to the kids..and I think they put on quite a show at Cannes…they are not damned if they do or damned if they don’t, if they would act normal. there wouldn’t be a problem, they go from walking 10 feet a part and hardly looking at each other, even when she was pregnant with Shiloh they wouldn’t admit to being a couple, and then all of a sudden, he has his hands all over her, and they pretend to get it on in the limo? Give me a break..maybe she was so drunk she thought he was BBT.

  36. jen

    She needs to start the statements about parenting seperatly for when they break up – so she cannot be accused of putting her children through a divorce and ruining their lives…much like she and her brother constantly accuse their father of….then she would be hypocrite supreme, wouldn’t she?

  37. when im in an uncomfortable setting i tend to be close to someon or something cellphone game or person maybe thats why there all “teenager” plus being married does not mean they can’t make out

  38. T-Bone

    I just think she’s an empty shell, and it’s strange, because it’s almost like she knows it. She mentioned that she really doesn’t have a sense of humor and that she used to cut herself because she had no feelings. She mentioned that her kids saved her life. And so many other comments. Angelina needs some mental health assistance. She really doesn’t need everyone’s blind adoration.

  39. Jinxy McDeath

    Just another bullshit story to sell papers or whatever. If you goto Lainey’s site, they have 1st hand pics and believe me they aren’t fighting, unless you count multiple tonsil hockey and cock teasing at the movie premier fighting.

    They’re actors, they go where the production is, hardley earth shattering news there.

  40. Angietothemax

    And what is acting normal? They take their kids to school and pick them up. They go out to eat, take the kids for strolls around the neighborhood, travel with the kids, take the kids shopping, do charity work, they’re actors so they don’t have the average 9-5 jobs, they’re practically a freaking Norman Rockwell painting. And if she has mental issues she blends right in with the majority of Americans that suffer some psychological issue. You can’t get more normal than that.

  41. jen

    man…who ever that lainey person is has a serious, serious fixation on angie….wow….there’s some obsession.

  42. FreakyZ

    She looks like a cadaver, that is just nasty.

  43. Sage

    That quote about the fact that parents do separate is taken out of context from a long interview in which she was asked whether they would marry and she made the point that parents can split up but you are a parent forever. A tiny bit of research would have discovered that but obviously you’d rather create fake drama.

  44. nick

    When you get together with someone under questionable circumstances (Brad was married to Jennifer), it’s not going to be all wine and roses.

    I see Angelina as a dominant female with Brad being a subservient male. He has proven this in every relationship he has been in. You can see that she runs the show and he follows. Check the body language.

    If there are problems, which I don’t doubt, they are going to put up a good front for a while to help lessen the public scrutiny.

    Both have said that family comes first but you have both of them on location filming.

  45. Margaret

    Actually Mueller = the story was from NOW UK Magazine. National Ledger just quoted them. Why don’t you like the National Ledger – because they don’t kiss Jolie’s bony a**?

  46. Margaret

    Amen about Lainey, Jen. Lainey is the most hateful person on this planet. Talk about needing some mental health assistance.

  47. pkittie

    Check out the interesting marks on the back and inside of her left arm. Bruises?

  48. jen

    Noooo kidding Margaret….talk about one of the brangeloooooonies over there….. I far more enjoy the voices of reason over here (like you and TBone)…

  49. iseethruyou

    T-bone you write these methodical analysis of Angie that are based on your irrational hatred of her and not on anything close to reality.
    You make no sense in your posts about her. A few days ago you showed support for Britney. No matter how many times someone pointed out all the crap that Britneys pulled: the naked puss, the dangerous childcare, the drugs, the exhibitionism with assorted bedmates.
    NEVER MIND SHE STOLE KFED AWAY FROM A PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND WITH THEIR TODDLER AT HOME. But you just ‘like’ Britney and think shes a good girl at heart and blah blah blah.
    You’re so full of shit ’cause you’re revealed your true colors. You hate on Angie for your own messed up jealousy. Otherwise you’d be consistent. I’d call you out as a paid troll but nobody would pay for your ignorant observations.

  50. Christina

    Oh man I enjoy reading socialitelife and the comments here even if I rarely comment myself. But every freakin` time there is a post about brangeline here goes T-bone rambling on and on. I mean what the hell are you obssesed do you even think about anything else except them ?! Really now it`s even kind of fun, I see a post about Angelina, I go to the comments, I clik “edit” on the top of the page, then I click “Find (on this page)”, I type “T-bone” – and voila : there he is bitchin. Sometimes I even type “borderline” – and there he is bithin. This is OBSSESION dude and YOU are the one who needs to see someone about your issues.

    Now, about brangelina. I can`t say I like them I think they are kind of plastic, but I do hope they make it because they are not just a hollywood couple, they are a FAMILY with four little children in their care, and it`s always sad when the the children have to suffer because parents brake up

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