Cannes Wasn’t Rollicking For These Two?

Apparently, these two are on the outs. I’ll believe it when the papers are filed.

According to Now, in Cannes this week, the couple looked less than joyful. Angelina, 31, is reported to have blurted out to one interviewer who asked about their relationship: ‘So many parents today do separate and they still have a commitment to the children.’ And a source tells the Daily Mail: ‘If they look unhappy it is because they are.’

Other reports have said that the pair argued loudly in Cannes as Jolie still wants to live overseas, and Brad wants to return home to the United States.

I don’t know what “do separate” means. Hopefully, it’s some kind of typo or she speaks in a strangely stilted Most Beautiful Woman In The World dialect. Eh. Whatevs. I actually want these two to make it. She’s hot, and he seems like an ok (if slightly boring) guy. And damn, does she look good in that dress or what? The Most Beautiful Woman In The World!