Brangelina And Other Celebs Share That Look Of Love Gaze [PHOTOS]

Celeb Weddings In 2011
The biggest marital bashes from this past year.
Often times Hollywood can become about the drama and craziness and we forget about beauty and success that should be celebrated. Celebrities are regular people too and go through many of the same experiences that most of us normal people encounter, such as falling in love. Not all celebs have 73 day marriages or messy divorces. Some have found their true love and are truly happy.

We can even learn a bit about love from these celebs, they keep the romance alive while constantly having their relationship picked apart and analyzed by people who don’t even know them. It’s amazing that any relationship can survive in Hollywood, but these incredible celebs have done it!

Check out the gallery to see the sickeningly cute couples who have made their love last (at least most of them have).