Brandy’s Situation Might Be Looking up


So, it looks like the $50 million dollar lawsuit that’s been filed against Brandy might have hit a few snags.

Awatef Aboudihaj was killed December 30 after Brandy’s vehicle rear-ended her on a Los Angeles freeway. Aboudihaj was married with two children. Under California law, only the husband, not the parents, can sue for wrongful death.

We’re told the parents’ lawsuit was filed without consulting the husband beforehand. Even more interesting, Aboudihaj has been living in the United States for 11 years. Her parents have been living in Morocco full-time, so contact between parents and daughter was minimal.

You can’t file a wrongful death lawsuit in California? So, say I had no domestic partner (seeing as I can’t legally marry a guy in Cali), and my parents were my only friends or family and O.J. decapitated me – they couldn’t sue him? Great. Oh, and there you go, Brandy. Maybe the lawsuit will get tossed and you won’t have to go out on tour with Moesha: The Musical to raise some bank.

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