Brandy Sued


The family of the woman that was killed in Brandy’s car crash have filed a suit against her. For $50 mil. Does she have $50 mil? “Sittin’ Up In My Room” or whatever it was called was a long, long time ago.

In the wrongful death complaint, filed today by Aboudihaj’s parents, Aboudihaj Ahmed and Labridi Zohra, in Los Angeles Superior Court, Norwood is charged with reckless driving resulting in the woman’s death. In a previous statement, Norwood expressed condolences to Aboudihaj’s family and asked the media to “respect the privacy of everyone involved at this time.”

Ugly, ugly, ugly. All I know is that this incident has made me want to finally invest in one of those earpiece headphones that everyone wears that makes them look like androids waiting for their next command. Cuz’ you know that girlfriend was trying to manipulate her Razr or something when she plowed into everyone.

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