Brandy Screwed, Redux

February 23rd, 2007 // 3 Comments

Brandy had another lawsuit filed against her. This time on behalf of the children of the woman that was killed in the car crash.

A second wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against singer-actress Brandy because of a Los Angeles freeway crash in December.

The suit was filed on behalf of the two sons of Awatef Aboudihaj, who was killed in the crash after Brandy’s SUV struck the back of her Honda.

The suit said unspecified injuries to the children will likely cause some permanent disability. Damages will be determined at trial.

The initial suit against Brandy is asking for 50 million in damages. Couldn’t they just have lumped it in with the first one? Jesus Christ, how fast was she going? Lightspeed? Wait, that’s time. Is it? Physics confuse me. 120 mph? That I understand. That’s how fast I go when I’m on the lamb, outrunning the fuzz. Heading towards my hideout on the outskirts of town. Waiting for the inevitable shootout and celebrating one last night of freedom with my burly baby. Oh, uh, good luck, Brandy.

By J. Harvey

  1. lexi

    they couldn’t lump it in with the first one, because the 1st one was not valid in american court: her parents (in morocco) had no legal right to sue, only the late woman’s next of kin may sue– her hubby and/or kiddies. man i watch too much law & order… why do i know these things?

  2. Melissa

    I think these people are just taking advantage of the fact that Brandy is rich. A lot of people get killed in car accidents every year… yet you dont see people getting sued for 50 million over them. It is horrible that their family member died but is money really going to make them feel better?

  3. sandie

    Poor Brandy…
    Can she afford it? I have not seen her in any projects lately?
    I guess in the end its all about money. People die all the time in accidents and hardly they claim money… (of course we know why)

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