Brando’s Snip, Coulter’s Canned, Usher’s An Idiot and More

> Brando Got Cut at 60
And not in the muscular defined way. Ouch. [NY Post]
> Ann Coulter’s Democratic Convention Column Cancelled
She reportedly didn’t hold up to USA Today writing standards. That’s just plain sad. [USA Today]
> Courtney Love Gets 18 Months in Rehab
I feel sorry for the people who are stuck in rehab with her. [E Online]
> Jackson Charged With Imprisoning Boy and Family
This just keeps getting weirder and weirder. [E Online]
> Teresa Hines Tells Reporter To Shove It
I would have told him to “fuck off,” but that’s just me. [Reuters]
> Gisele Bundchen Is Highest Paid Supermodel
She made $10 million last year. Not too shabby. [Vogue]
> Usher Seems To Be a Tad Full of Himself.
he singer whispered his order into his bodyguard’s ear. “Usher will have a Bellini,” the bodyguard interpreted for the bartender. When the drink was ready, the bartender handed it to Usher, but was intercepted by the bodyguard, who explained that he was the only one allowed to hand Usher his drink. – I’ll just call him a hot idiot. [WOW]

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