Brandon Flowers Canceled The Killers Tour To Be With His Dying Mother

Brandon Flowers of The Killers may be a rock star, but he’s still a good son. The front man canceled the band’s summer Asian and Australian tour earlier when he heard his mother only had weeks to live. But Flowers is grateful that he spent the remaining weeks at home with his family.

“I am still very sad but being with her at the end meant
more than anything,” he said in a recent interview with the Sun.

The singer for the hit band found out the news just as the band was about to leave from Las Vegas on their tour.

“As soon as I got out of the airport, I got a call from my brother Shane, who
told me that the doctors said she had just two weeks left to live,” Flowers said, pictured leaving Radio One studios London, England in February 2009. “Shane said my family wanted me to do the tour but I couldn’t go. I’m so
thankful I canceled it as my mum was still ‘with it’ enough to know I
stayed to be with her. I’m happy I was there.