Brandon Davis Reinforces The Notion That He Is A Douche

TMZ reports:

Brandon Davis might have a billion-dollar oil fortune waiting to fall into his lap, but he still gets a little skittish when it comes to paying his bar tabs. According to Rush & Molloy, Davis and fellow Team Firecrotch member and record-producer pal Scott Storch made the scene at red-hot LA nightspot Area last week. When the waitress came over to hand over the bill, Davis “didn’t like [it],” so Storch had to take care of the check for him.

Seriously, he looks like the grease in his hair could fill the tanks of at least two Hummers. Isn’t there some way he could simply make some extra cash drilling his own head for oil? Or at least, could someone give me permission to put a drill to his head under the guise that I’m looking for oil? Because that scenario would work for me as well. Better even.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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