Brandon Davis Quote Of The Day

May 26th, 2006 // 47 Comments

“My behavior on May 16 was inexcusable. “What started out as a joke got completely carried away and I am horrified at the words that came out of my mouth. I consider Lindsay a friend and I hope she accepts my sincere apology for my reprehensible actions last week.”


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Danger

    Still doesn’t make up for him being an IDIOT

  2. Scott

    Has there ever been a picture taken of this douch bag that doesn’t have him looking like a complete oil mess? Damn, that girl-boy is dirty!

  3. SheenSucks

    10 days too late. Bask in the hatred, jerky.

  4. Jewels

    Why is he always so greasy looking? It looks like he showers in animal fat!! The PETA people should be all over him!

  5. tilajo

    My comments are still the same, apology or no apology.
    1. Get a shower & remember to wash hair…at least twice. Do this daily…please.
    2. Clean up your act, your recreational habits (& maybe you won’t make an ass out of yourself again) & your gutter-mouth.
    3. Get a job & find out how hard it is to aquire $8 mill.
    4. And clean up the company you keep (as in Porno-Queen Paris). Didn’t your nanny (sic) ever tell you that you are judged by the company you keep?

  6. Marnie

    If he was a teenager, I might think it was a foolish childhood indescretion. As an adult, he demonstrated who true character.

    Any man that would call ANY woman the names he called Lyndsey should be held up for the public beating he is currently receiving.

    My advise, get your ass out of the hollywood scene and focus on creating a purpose for yourself. Start with taking a trip to Sudan.

  7. Beth

    Maybe he should put his Money where his mouth is!! Donate said $8 million to LiLo’s favorite charity–and then yes, get a real job!!

  8. Ldysunfyre

    “Oh…and I meant ‘firecrotch’ in the most friendly way possible. ‘Cause she’s a friend. Really.”

  9. Realness

    I couldn’t have put it better than any of u have…

    i jus wanna add that he is only apologising simply because the public is descendin on him…i mean even howard stern called him out.

  10. Amanzon


  11. Fiz

    TOO LITTLE TOO LATE BITCH!!!!~ We really believe that your hermaphroditic ass was sincere. Take your apology and stick it in Paris’ Ass..since she’s the #1 gay Icon. Puuulease

  12. Cathy

    as the old adage goes….”with friends like that who needs enemies?”….
    grow up Brandon….you embarass yourself and your family…

  13. T.

    Where the fuck is Paris’ apology? That skeevy whore is just a culpable as Brandon in all this. Besides, to me, Brandon seems genuinely contrite. Meanwhile, Paris is in Europe having cash thrown at her? For waving? This MUST be the fist sign of the apocalypse.

  14. glitter77

    he is such a tool

  15. jrzmommy

    My behavior on May 16 was…….typical. I am horrified because once again I can’t remember a damn thing I said or did that night and had to once again rely on video and friends recounting me the events of the night. Paris dropped me like a hot potato earlier this week, so now I want to be friends with Lindsay again because I have no one else to be my beard. I’m fat, bloated and disgusting and a sloth.

  16. suz8888



    I’m coming off looking really bad (because this is the exact kind of dough-boy-prick I am) and I need to retract my statement.

    He said exactly what he thinks because he’s loaded and thinks he’s above it all. (Just like that other usless piece of existence who was on celebrity cattle drive – whose name escapes me – because he’s that important….)

    My advice:

    1. Grow Up and learn some polite social skills.
    2. Go volunteer somewhere and do something positive for society. This will help you learn what it’s like to work and humble you – which you desperately need.
    3. If you don’t want to do any of the above, fade into obscurity and appreciate that Fat, greasy and assinine is the way you’ll spend the rest of your life.

  17. doofus

    friend? um…..

    I, along with all of you on here, I’m sure, NEVER spoke about a friend that way, no matter how mad you were at him/her.

    too little too late is exactly right. he realized the backlash and that’s the ONLY reason he “apologized”.

    to tilajo… AMEN, sistah/brutha, AMEN!

    to “T”…as much as you’re right, don’t expect an apology anytime soon. her publicist already released a statement on her behalf…”paris didn’t say anything” was all he could muster.

  18. Small Fry

    There is no way this statement came from him. Do we really believe he can come up with words like ‘reprehensible?’

  19. T.

    Okay, People ~ Unless you can write something OTHER than how Brandon is a fat, sweaty ogre ~ Don’t bother commenting; I got it the first 8,000 times it was written. He has APOLOGIZED. Stop beating a dead horse, already. Why don’t you direct your outrage at that spoiled, “reprehensible”, twat Paris Hilton? I loathe her.

  20. Paris?

    I really do not know why he has to apologize. Although he was drunk, but that was his true feeling, I think. He thinks money is not something to earn, but something to get from somebody for no labor. Or he just wanted to impress Paris. I hope his action is as a result of some kind of her input. Paris knows how to deal media. Maybe it’s good we just forget about him.

  21. Jane

    Paris is a whore. Like Stearn said well we have all seen Paris’s crotch.
    Brandon Apol. because Paris probably ditched his ass now that she got him to say allthat crap about Lindsey.

  22. cuz

    Brandon Davis doesnt even have the vocab for that made up statement. Maybe his mommy threatened his trust? 7 million would be a generous donation on his part,to his moms Race To Erase MS. And yes, Brandon really likes the men folk.

  23. Jane

    Agreed… what a moron. However, I hope he realizes that Paris is not a friend and by egging him on she showed no concern for Lindsay and certainly none for him… she’s no friend.. Frankly… I’m not sure what she is.

  24. amy

    That’s sooo what I was thinking…mommy and daddy jumped him for his actions, hit him where it hurt, took some money away. And I hope they did! Do you have any idea what my parents would do if I thought about behaving like that?? I can respect him a little now IF this is true and it came from him. I’d like to see him say it person. But we’ll never get to see that. She need’s to have her inheritance threatened unless she starts showing some class. Talk about an embarrassment to the family.

  25. T.

    I give up. Judging by the grammatical errors, misspellings and general ignorance displayed in the above three posts, I’ve obviously mistaken you for people with the good sense God gave a fucking goose.

  26. jane

    T: Stop being so bloody churlsih and base. No need to attack others to make yourself feel good.

  27. T.

    Jane, Honey, It’s spelled ‘churlish’. Der….

  28. Jane

    There is a difference between a spelling mistake and a typo.. I suspect you had to look the word up in the dictionary.. go away and stop being such a F***ing twat.

  29. What a Greasy Liar

    What a lying sake of dog shit! No one talks about a friend like that. Let’s see, he said:

    -She’s too repulsive for anyone to fuck (unless they’re minorities because I guess in Brandon’s eyes they have lower standards)

    -That she wanted him but he rejected her

    -That she cums freckles

    -That her clit is 7ft long

    -That she is “disgusting” because she’s “only” worth 7 million dollars

    -That her vagina smells like feces

    -And he repeatedly commented about her pubes are gross (funny that this comes from a guy who dated Mischa when she was UNDERAGE. Makes you think about Brandon’s taste in women….or should I say girls?).

  30. Jennifer

    T: You need to get a life and stop spending so much time on this website involved with all the bullshit that comes with it.

  31. sake=sack

    excuse the typos

  32. T.

    “…go away and stop being such a F***ing twat.”

    Congratulations, on leading by example, Jane. Way to take the high road. And, no, I didn’t need a dictionary; However, your accusation makes it obvious that YOU DID need one. About that typo: Next time, proofread your shit.

  33. Sage

    T, you are bordering on pathological.Clearly you have serious issues and tis best that you are ignored… welcome to my ignore list.

  34. Sage

    Damn, I almost forgot. I agree wholeheartedly with Jane – f***ing twat.

  35. Larilee

    Oh T – I love people who resort to being condescending and obnoxious simply because people choose not to follow their directives. As if you really have the power to demand that people do your bidding.

    In any event, if he considers Lindsay a friend, I hate to see how he treats his enemies.

  36. T.

    I think it’s just SUPER when the illiterate’s rally to each other’s defense. I guess if Brandon was functionally retarded, you’d forgive him his transgression? By the way, the moniker ‘Sage’ is certainly ironic, given your propensity to champion ignorance. Oops! I forgot, someone I don’t know, nor do I care to know, is ignoring me.

  37. 2 Old 4 This

    T , Doll

    We get it. You ROCK! We suck! You win.

    Now go post somewhere else & stop spoiling our Brandon Bashing. Trust fund draining, foul mouthed, lazy-ass, sweat spewing, piece of filth has it coming and we thoroughly enjoy dishing it.

    So, if you don’t like it, ain’t nobody forcing you to read it.

    Go get an enema and cheer the f*** up!

  38. blah

    Geesh, who is Brandon Davis and why does he merit all the discussion? Glad I’ve been giving this thread a pass….

  39. blah

    *looks around sheepishly*

    Um, seriously folks… who IS Brandon Davis?

  40. jane

    Blah: I believe that he’s the grandson of an oil billionaire. Although… I hear that the billions are pretty much all washed up.

  41. blah

    Thanks for the info, Jane. Heh.

  42. angela

    “I think it’s just SUPER when the illiterate’s rally to each other’s defense.”

    funny. talk about illiterate. you want the plural form of “illiterate” in this instance, not the posessive.

    no good comes of making fun of peoples’ typos and grammar. and resorting to it just highlights the fact that you have no other argument and no legs to stand on.

  43. jane

    T: I see that you’re now a crossdresser hiding under the guise of Angela. Are you hearing voices as well? Synatx is a bitch baby. LOL

    Note to Brandon: stop bobbing for french fries in that huge vat of grease:)

  44. T.

    Jane, Sweetie, Read Angela’s comment again. She is calling me out for making an error, Genius.

  45. sita

    I have to bring up that… Lohan goes around sleeping with all of Hollywood to make her money… she’s 19 and underage in the States… that aside… he apologized but Lohan still goes goes around being rooted on for being a brat. the difference… she wasn’t born into money.

  46. Aeolis

    Kathy Hilton is a piece of trash who has raised a trashy daughter. You’ll never see her commenting on Paris’ consistent reprehensible behavior, which goes to show money will never buy class. Despite her quickie marriage, God bless Nicky Hilton for not being the horrible creature her sister is.

    As for Brandon Davis, I’m betting his mommy and daddy had a friggin’ heart attack when this came out, hence the “statement.” It may not change what goes on behind closed doors, but at least they have the good sense to not want this type of mess associated with their family.

  47. lawd.. I’m still trying 2 figure out who this tool and his brother r? Did they do the Paris thing? Which isn’t much… I come from money so therefore people adore me and want me and need me and want me and O.. I made a sex therefore.. I am! Have I got it right? lol

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