Brandon Davis Lets It All Hang Out

January 2nd, 2007 // 9 Comments

We apologize for posting the offending photos (hopefully you’ve fully digested your lunch), but it’s kind of like watching a train wreck – you just have to look.


By Jessica Marx

  1. rootabega

    i haven’t eaten yet- it was all bile.

  2. rootabega

    i haven’t eaten yet- it was all bile.

  3. lia

    he’s so ‘fat elvis’

  4. kim

    Even though I tried hard not to think about it *shudder*, all that entered my mind when I saw the picture of his tiny feet was just how much tinier his “manhood” must be. He’s like the biggest tool with the smallest tool.

  5. bella

    I once said that if he cleaned up, he could look really cute because he actually somewhat resembles Billy Zane.

    Oh Billy, Billy, Billy, please forgive me!!!

  6. girliegirl

    HA! i thought the same thing about his small, ugly feet. that’s too funny. that guy doesn’t have a toned muscle in his body. i bet he’s never exercised in his life.

  7. Tonysgirl

    One word that best describes this guy (DISGUSTING) make me wanna puke all over.

    Geesh some people are NOT meant to be out in public like that!!!

  8. Years from now, the new socialist revolution will show this pic of Brandon Davis as an example of the problem with capitalism.

  9. twirlingparasol

    well i like brandon davis. of course they’re going to post THOSE pictures of him- everyone hates him! and i think it’s hilarious. the whole ordeal.
    …i mean his nickname is Greasy Bear. of COURSE he’s gonna let it all hang out.
    and i’m even going to go so far as to say that the second picture is even kinda cute.

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