Brandon Davis’ Lindsay Lohan Diatribe

We can only assume that by now, Lindsay Lohan gotten wind of the Brandon Davis’ tirade. How does word of someone calling your genitalia “skanky pussy” and claiming she has a “7-ft long clit” (we find that last one slightly hard to believe) not reach you. We also find it interesting that he’d rather sleep with Lindsay Lohan’s father, than with Lindsay Lohan herself (she’s probably actually releived by this statement). That Brandon Davis has such a way with words. Who else but a self-invovled slightly bloated wasted socialite could come up with such a clever phrase as “firecrotch.” Congratulations Brandon Davis, you’ve just given the Urban Dictionary a new word.

What will the fallout look like from all of this? Look for statements tomorrow from Lindsay Lohan’s people (outrage – I don’t know why Brandon and Paris hate me much), Dina Lohan’s people (outrage – may baby does not have a “skanky pussy”), Brandon Davis’ people (excuses – he was drunk), and Paris Hilton’s people (what else – that’s hot).

Brandon Davis Expresses Himself on the Matter of Lindsay Lohan [Gawker]