Brandon Davis Jeans

April 26th, 2006 // 12 Comments

Um, is there some untapped market for Brandon Davis merchandise that I don’t know about? Wait, I have an idea. Look for Miu von Furstenberg’s line of bedazzled jeans, coming this fall.

Bradon Davis has hooked up with Replay, who on Monday unveiled Brandon Davis Jeans. The morning brought a breakfast reception look-see at the newly opened Beverly Center Replay store. For evening it was a party at Falcon, complete with Paris and Nicky Hilton, Kevin Connolly, Laura Harirng, and Tom Arnold. Most surprising guest of all was Mimi Rogers, ex-wife of unmarried Suri producer Tom Cruise


More photos of Brandon Davis and the Hilton sisters, after the jump.

Brandon Davis Wants Everyone in His Jeans [Open All Night]

(Images via Gossip Rocks)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. who would want to buy his jeans???
    It’s like Victoria Beckham. If you can’t do anything else, and you really must – put your name ona pair of jeans…
    How many people actually want to look like an overdosed Elvis right before his death???

  2. d.c.

    he’s a moronic girly-boy..

  3. emme

    Why does he always look so damn sweaty?!?!?

  4. emme

    Why does he always look so damn sweaty?!?!?

  5. PleaseThink

    He is so NOT cute. Ugh. I hope he gets a hot model to promote the jeans or they are going nowhere but to the local goodwill.

  6. KittyLiterati

    emme: It’s not sweat. If you’ve had your head within fifty feet of Paris Hilton’s vagina, you risk being covered in projectile nastiness.

  7. Wasting Company Time

    I saw him once at Pure in Vegas – he always looks that greasy. It’s like he bathes in Vaseline. He gave off the creepiest vibe. Ugh! I am so grossed out by the memories now.

  8. emme

    There has got to be an explanation for his sheen, I know it’s not from good ol’ hard work. At least Paris can check her lip-gloss application using his forehead. That’s a plus.

  9. Anno

    Brandon Davis jeans, coming soon to a Lane Bryant near you!!!

  10. Lisa

    I confess that I want to see real celebrities, like Brad and Angelina.

  11. christina_the_wench

    Forget his greasiness. Being seen within 50 feet of the Hilton whores makes you a nobody with an STD.

  12. jodroc

    i think he is pretty sexy. great lips and i think Paris and Nicky are OK too. I love Nicky’s clothes and style. however – i would never buy his jeans and think that whoever financed that needs their head read.

    before everyone says gross – i acknowledge that my taste is left of centre.

    Perhaps Brandon Davis jeans have a pocket that protects things from sniffer dogs and police frisks. that could be the USP.

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