Brandon Davis Jeans

Um, is there some untapped market for Brandon Davis merchandise that I don’t know about? Wait, I have an idea. Look for Miu von Furstenberg’s line of bedazzled jeans, coming this fall.

Bradon Davis has hooked up with Replay, who on Monday unveiled Brandon Davis Jeans. The morning brought a breakfast reception look-see at the newly opened Beverly Center Replay store. For evening it was a party at Falcon, complete with Paris and Nicky Hilton, Kevin Connolly, Laura Harirng, and Tom Arnold. Most surprising guest of all was Mimi Rogers, ex-wife of unmarried Suri producer Tom Cruise


More photos of Brandon Davis and the Hilton sisters, after the jump.

Brandon Davis Wants Everyone in His Jeans [Open All Night]

(Images via Gossip Rocks)