Brandon Davis Is “Rude and Repulsive”

Well, we could have to you that. The boys at World of Wonder received an email from one of Brandon’s former Hazelden roommates, and let’s just say that the memories weren’t fond ones.

I have to say that Brandon Davis was one of the most repulsive and rude people I have ever met. For one thing, Brandon would be wise to never let his voice be heard on television or radio because his allure would immediately cease to exist. He has the most awful, raspy, 90-year-old-Jewish-man voice that sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

He has a very misogynist and immature attitude toward women. He referred to most girls as “fucking whores.” He told me that Jenna Bush’s “pussy stunk”. Vulgar, nasty stuff.


While Brandon is a billionaire, he would often steal from my private food stash in my drawer, as evidenced by the many crumbs he would leave at the crime scene. He was extremely obnoxious and rude to everyone at the treatment center, including the staff, and he was eventually kicked out for his behavior.

I’ve never met the man personally, but sounds charming. Well, I’m sure the man’s pissing hose stinks as well.

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