Brandon Davis Arrested For Drug Possession. Keeps It Classy.

Oh, that Brandon Davis.  One of Hollywood’s biggest a__holes (that is his only talent, besides drug possession), managed to get himself arrested in Hollywood last night.  According to TMZ,  Davis wasn’t behaving himself, and was promptly denied entrance to Beacher’s Madhouse at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  After being shut out due to his “erratic behavior,” Davis proceeded to punch comedian Ben Gleib, a frequent roundtable guest on Chelsea Lately.

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When cops were called to the scene, they searched Davis and found cocaine in his pocket.  The spoiled brat was charged battery and possession of a controlled substance (ps-that’s a felony).

Let me ask you this-If you had drugs on you, wouldn’t you want to lay low and not provoke any situation that would require the cops to get involved?  This kid is a joke. Lock him up and throw away the key!  But I suppose we can’t expect much from an heir who feels the need carry not one but two packs of Marlboros around with him, as our dapper friend did back in February at Paris Hilton’s 30th birthday party. HOT STUFF.