Brandi Glanville Slams Giuliana Rancic For Calling Her “Nuts” [VIDEO]

May 7th, 2012 // 4 Comments

Everyone on E!’s Fashion Police (with the exception of Joan Rivers) gushed about LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian‘s vow renewal, and it was a bit nauseating.   That’s not what we’re clucking about, though.

Giuliana Rancic commented on how she used to “poo-poo” their love affair (Cibrian cheated on ex-wife Brandi Glanville with the country singer), which sent Glanville through the roof.  ”She is nuts,” Rancic told the cameras about watching the former model on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“It’s sad cuz I’ve been rooting 4her through her illness. Hopefully her man doesn’t leave her & give her surrogate baby to a bonus mom,” Glanville tweeted in response to Rancic’s comment (she later deleted it), according to Starcasm

Fans defended Cibrian’s ex, which Glanville appreciated.  ”It’s all good,” the Bravo star tweeted yesterday.  ”She doesnt know me and when you do a reality show you open urself up fpr judgment.”

Rancic never responded to Glanville’s tweets.  What are your thoughts on this?

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By Kelly Lynch

  1. apology

    The REAL reason Guilana took a dig at Brandi and doesn’t poo-poo on Eddie and Leann’s relationship:

    Giuliana Rancic on Meeting With LeAnn Rimes: We “Put This Whole Fiasco Behind Us”(October 2011)

    The only thing wasting away here is the rumor that LeAnn Rimes and Giuliana Rancic are at odds.

    “@GiulianaRancic My sweets….so amazing to talk to you over drinks. I adore you! You are beautiful and we were meant to meet for a reason ,” Rimes tweeted Tuesday night after hanging out with the E! News anchor.

    But it didn’t go down quite like you may have read…The ladies did not powwow at Nobu in West Hollywood, despite a RadarOnline report that they broke bread, er, sushi at the upscale eatery. Rimes was photographed there, but Rancic exclusively tells us that’s where the country singer went for dinner after their drinks date.

    “We actually met for drinks at a different location beforehand,” Rancic said. “I’m happy we finally got together and put this whole fiasco behind us. We had a really nice time and I hope to see her again soon.”

    And Rimes had nothing but glowing reviews for Rancic, despite briefly taking offense in August at a remark the Giuliana & Bill star made about Rimes being “a little thin right now.”

    -Source(E News)

  2. gross

    I love how Leann’s moutpieces are making it look like Guliana is the victim? You forgot to include that in October, Guilana met with Leann. So that means that her opinion of Brandi didn’t come from TRHOBH, but from what Leann Rimes told her over their drinks. But’s it’s nice to see that even when there is evidence to show that Guliana is laying and that she is only saying these things about Brandi on Leann’s behalf, the media still pretends not to see it.

  3. shle896

    That woman IS nuts! And will someone tell her that Fashion Police is a tongue-in-cheek comedy show, please? She obviously takes herself far more seriously than any of the Real Housewives viewers do. She’s a JOKE.

    • gross

      Nuts is how Guiliana put her friendship with Leann before her job. It’s not tongue in cheek when Leann is using Guilana to do her dirty work. No matter how you spin it, you can not change the fact that Guilana lied and that she took the dig at Brandi because she was trying to protect Leann. That was what she should have said.

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