Brandi Glanville Gets Drunk, Then Married In Las Vegas This Weekend

Brandi Glanville
The reality star had lunch in Beverly Hills.
Brandi Glanville had herself a few cocktails New Year’s weekend in Las Vegas, then married Mixed Martial Arts pioneer Darin Harvey.  “Yes we r man and wife! No pre nup d!,” Glanville tweeted, kicking off her landslide of updates.  “Having dinner with my husband! I yi yi! What did we do.”

So who is Harvey?  “Um he is my best friend but after some beer and strippers he is now my husband! No joke!” later adding, “My new husband is @darinharvey he is a great guy he manages MMA fighters his star is @RondaRoussey the best female MMA fighter on the planet.”

This was followed by a series of updates that included a trip to strip club Spearmint Rhino (“Me and my hubby are off to spearment rhino,!! #honeymoonwithstrippersthebest”), and a few declarations of matrimony on Glanville’s part  “Yes, I’m married get over it!  It wasn’t planned and we will handle it, but good times!”

“Follow my new husband! @darinharvey. Getting my ring tomorrow! Yes I did really do it!” she tweeted.  “I got married to my best friend.” When others on Twitter started to ask if Glanville really got married, she told them, “Yes, but we may not stay this way, #thankucoffeepatron.”

We’re really hoping this particular tweet was directed towards LeAnn Rimes.  “I’m married again- suuuuuuck it!” Heck,

Harvey also threw in a few gems by writing, “@BrandiGlanville it’s a big blur bottle of Patron Elvis now I’m married. At least shes hot and sane.”  When the harsh light of day made things a little clearer, Harvey tweeted of marrying his best friend, “Don’t worry @BrandiGlanville and I had a crazy Vegas moment. Getting annulled tomorrow.”