Bradley Cooper’s Two-Toned Red Carpet Look

I never thought of Bradley Cooper as a high maintenance fellow, but I guess everyone who steps on the red carpet with high beams needs to think about their coloring. 

Cooper only thought about it two-thirds of the way, though, when he attended the premiere for his new movie Valentine’s Day yesterday, since whatever fake tanning method he used stopped at his stubble line. All that effort and you got noticed for being pale anyway. We know you learned a thing or two about tanning from the set of A-Team, so perhaps some more shirtless practice?

Maybe you thought if you did something distracting reporters wouldn’t ask you where Renee Zellweger is? I mean, it’s a premiere to a movie called Valentines Day, how can you not hold hands here?

Or maybe you didn’t want to take away from your character in the movie who is romantically involved with Eric Dane.  Tell me that isn’t someone you would want to hold hands with?

There we go starting rumors again….

Here’s the rest of the huge cast of Valentine’s Day at yesterday’s premiere, including Taylor Lautner looking sharp and Jessica Biel and Anna Kulinova battling to see can look more like a human valentine.