Bradley Cooper’s A-Team Shirtless Six-Pack

Bradley Cooper is using his sex appeal in the first official trailer for the A-Team movie which will be released this coming summer on June 11, 2010. Enjoy his sexy goodness below.

We also have video of Renee Zellweger’s love bunny appearing on David Letterman last night (the photos are of Brad arriving at the Ed Sullivan Theatre). During his interview, Cooper recalled the leaner years when he worked as a doorman at the Morgan hotel while he was attending NYU.

While working as doorman Bradley got his first gig as a host for the Discovery channel show Globe Trekkers. Though he had zero outdoor experience he ended up braving extreme outdoor adventures like cycling the Viking trail and sea kayaking with orca whales.

“The idea was that you were not an expert and they loved that and they wanted to watch you suffer,” he said. Check out that clip after the jump.