Bradley Cooper Plays Someone Smart For Once In New Film

Bradley Cooper will play a struggling writer who gets a hold of a drug that boosts his IQ in the movie Dark Fields, out in March 2011. That’s certainly a change for Cooper, who made his name in The Hangover getting a hold of drugs that significantly (but hilariously) lowered his IQ.

The thriller also stars Abbie Cornish and Robert DeNiro, and will see Cooper experiencing the ill side effects of the drug, including one called “trip-switching.” The effect is described as “a phenomenon in which
time moves with a stop-motion quality.” Some have speculated some killer camera work could result. Cooper filmed scenes for the movie near Central Park today.

It seems as though Cooper’s career is really heating up with a number of films in the works including The A-Team and The Hangover 2. It does
n’t hurt that his relationship with Renee Zellweger is heating up as well.

Pacific Coast News Online | WENN – Bradley Cooper
crouching down while on the film set for his new movie ‘The Dark
Fields’ shooting on location near Central Park New York City, USA -