Bradley Cooper’s New Girlfriend, Model Suki Watershouse, Is 20-Years-Old [PHOTOS]

Oh Bradley Cooper. I’m disappointed.

The list of Bradley Cooper’s girlfriends is endless, and now you can add a 20-year-old to that list!

Cooper and his rumored girlfriend, model Suki Waterhouse, were spotted enjoying the sites of Boston Common, Massachusetts yesterday (March 18, 2013), while walking in freezing temperatures. 

The pair locked eyes at the Elle Style Awards earlier this month. At the time a source told “Bradley has been texting Suki every day since they met. He wants her to come to Los Angeles and visit him; he’s intrigued by her and she’s very interested in him.

“Bradley wanted to arrange something before he starts promoting The Hangover Part III, which will take up a lot of his time. Until then, they will just have to bide their time.”

Sweetie. Don’t bother. It won’t last more than a few months. Unless that is all you want, I’d cut your losses and run.

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