Bradley Cooper’s Best Hair Do’s Through The Years [PHOTOS]

Hollywood heartthrob Bradley Cooper is his hair! And when I say that, I mean sleek and completely flawless!

There’s no doubt, Bradley deserves all the admiration in the world–for his handsome looks, perfectly coifed hair and mesmerizing screen presence. He has been quite the hair chameleon over the years from sporting frosted tips to opting for a casual hairstyle.

This golden boy definitely likes to take risks and have fun with his bodacious locks. Look! He’s even down to perm his hair for a movie role! That’s how cool Bradley Cooper is! 

The former Sexiest Man Alive is a drop dead gorgeous playboy with dazzling baby blue eyes, a killer smile. The actor is rumored to be dating model, Suki Waterhouse, who is 20. Bradley cooper is 38. Yeah, just let that sink in for a moment.

That’s fine and all, but what he really needs to be doing, is spreading those locks around! Oh Bradley, Oh Bradley, We can share hair products, I promise! Check out the gallery above to view Cooper’s top 20 sultry sexy do’s!