Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana Not Broken Up, Spotted Catching A Movie [PHOTOS]

Bradley & Zoe
Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana share a kiss on screen.
Look at this snazzy couple right here.

Rumor had it that Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana had broken up. Well, to be fair, we’d never really seen them together to even verify if they were dating. We only saw them together at like film premieres and stuff. This time though, it’s perfectly clear what’s going on with them.

Zoe and Bradley were spotted at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood where the duo caught the new film, The Master. Fun fact: their movie The Words is currently out in theaters. So that means they probably passed a bunch of posters with themselves on it. Aw, and look, they enjoyed some caramel corn. 

So I guess there’s no more hiding this relationship. They’d done quite a good job at never being in the same place as paparazzi, but I suppose they’re done with that.

Maybe it just means they’re more serious now. They’re not afraid to go out and show the world their love. I hope that’s it cause they’re super cute together. Launch the gallery to check out all the adorable couple photos and tell us what you think of the pair in the comments.

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