The Taylor Swift-Bradley Cooper Thing Is Never Gonna Happen [PHOTOS]

Taylor Swift At The Globes
The nominee on the red carpet.
Bradley Cooper, though bleary-eyed, still looked like a smoke show in Madrid, Spain today (January 16th).  The Oscar nominee posed at a photocall inside the San Mauro Hotel for Silver Linings Playbook, looking absolutely delicious in a grey sweater.

There’s a rumor swirling around the internet that doe-eyed-girl-with-a-pen-to-the-paper Taylor Swift has her sights set on the 38-year-old Philadelphia native.  Radar Online has the “exclusive” on what transpired, and it involved Swift, her “friend,” Jennifer Lawrence and a lot of relationship baggage.

Though we must insist that you take all Radar stories with a grain of salt, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if 80% of their story were true.

“First of all, her reputation precedes her,” a source told the magazine.  “Bradley is very wary of dating someone who is a bit of a serial dater like Taylor. 

“He thinks she’s far too young for him and wants to date someone his own age, not 16-years younger because he’s ready for something serious.”

Hey, the heart has to heal somehow, right?  The article states that Cooper has no intention of dating Swift (we’re inclined to believe this), which is too bad, because sister needs a rebound after splitting with One Direction’s Harry Styles.

Would you believe that music’s biggest serial dater is a prude?


“Harry found Taylor a little sexually uninterested,” a source claimed.  What she doesn’t get is that the guys keep dumping her because she’s being a prude.”

Oh man.  Someone get this girl a fro-yo and a copy of 50 Shades, STAT.