Bradley Cooper Shows Off Long Hair At AFI Fest Premiere Of ‘Silver Lining Playbook’ [PHOTOS]

Damn Bradley Cooper, that is some long hair you’ve got over there.

The uber hot actor was spotted on the red carpet last night (November 2) at the AFI Film Festival premiere of his latest movie, Silver Lining Playbook. In the film, Bradley plays a mentally unstable man who find solace and some new dance moves with a young mentally unstable girl, played by Jennifer Lawrence. I am super stoked about this movie.

Now, back to Bradley’s hair. I guess it was long on the set of The Hangover 3, but maybe it’s just the way he’s styled it or something that makes it look so…puffy? I guess that’s the right word. I mean, we’ll love him anyway. Wait, isn’t Bradley still dating Zoe Saldana? How come she’s not on the red carpet?

Well, since the last time we spotted the pair together was back in September, it’s entirely possible they’ve broken up. Although I really hope they haven’t cause they’re super cute together. Maybe they can even get matching hair cuts! The sign of a truly in love couple.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Bradley on the red carpet. I’m really loving his long jacket, even if it does seem a little too formal over brown pants and a grey shirt. It’s cool though, cause Bradley can pull it off.