Bradley Cooper Shows Off His New Motorcycle, Ready To Try His Hand At Directing [PHOTOS]

Who knew that Bradley Cooper could make riding a motorcycle sexier than it already is?

Hollywood’s It Boy was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday (March 3) taking his brand new motorcycle for a ride in the streets. I’m loving the color you’ve chosen, sir. Do you think Bradley feels like the ultimate bad-ass when he’s riding around on it?

Bradley is looking to become even more of a bad-ass in Hollywood as he gets ready to direct his first feature film. According to reports, Bradley has signed on to direct an American remake of the German hit, Kokowääh. Think Bradley is looking to win that Oscar in another way? Also, guess who’s trying to get Bradley a girl? 

His Silver Linings Playbook co-star and recent Oscar winner, Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer is so into the match-making, she joked about making a booklet with pictures of all her friend and letting Bradley pick the ones he’s interested in. Ladies! Listen up! The way to Bradley Cooper’s heart is through Jennifer Lawrence.

Side note: I am not digging Bradley’s shaggy do. He’s had it for awhile and I’ve been annoyed with it this entire time. At least give it a trim. For me? Plus, that helmet hair is not helping. Launch the gallery to see all the photos of Bradley and his motorcycle. Think Jennifer will find him the perfect woman? Looking forward to his directing debut? Leave us your answers to all of these questions and more in the comments!