Bradley Cooper Pushes For His Movie ‘American Hustle’

Bradley Cooper on set
Cooper filmed 'The Dark Fields' in New York
The Work on American Hustle isn’t over yet, and this actor is still as dedicated as ever.

Bradley Cooper traveled to Berlin to promote his Oscar-nominated movie American Hustle in the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. With the Oscars only a month away, Bradley Cooper must be getting more and more anxious to see how it all plays out – for the second year in a row. 

Bradley Cooper is no stranger to the Oscar scene.  American Hustle was directed by the same man, David O. Russell, as Silver Linings Playbook, so this nomination isn’t a huge surprise. Talk about a great track record. No wonder the director wanted to work with the same set of actors, including Bradley and my personal favorite Jennifer Lawrence.

The only problem I had with American Hustle was Bradley Cooper’s hair. Curls aren’t a bad look, but on him I don’t prefer it. Bring back the shaggy, slightly crazy look from Silver Linings Playbook. That was a look I was on board with.

Bradley loved working on the movie though, especially getting to work with the same director again. On working with Russell, Bradley was all positive. “The umbrella thing would be that I know that when I come out of this experience, I’ll be a better actor. Probably I will have grown as an actor in every way, and knowing that when you’re going into it gives you a sense of willingness to go as far as he wants you to go, and that’s a very seductive thing for a director to feel from his actors.”