Bradley Cooper Looks Hot In Leather And Is Looking To Flip Your Hamburger

Bradley Vs Chris
Who'd you rather: Bradley Cooper or Chris Pratt?
No really, Bradley Cooper would like to flip your hamburger for you–especially if you’re dining at a Burger King in London.

The actor was looking particularly sessy in England yesterday, as he and co-star Sienna Miller got a crash course on running a Burger King at the Leicester Square location. Don’t worry though, Bradley isn’t looking to switch careers quite yet, it’s all for his new movie, Adam Jones.

That’s the one where he plays a chef who assembles a bunch of people to create the world’s best restaurant. 

No idea how Burger King plays into all of this then. Ooo! Burger King sick burn! According to sources, Bradley got really good at flipping burgers. I just want to picture him saying, “Would you like fries with that?” in a super sultry voice. Also, he and Sienna were just in American Sniper together. Is she his new Jennifer Lawrence? Peut-être.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Bradley look hawt on set. Jamie Dornan is also supposed to be in this movie, so I very much look forward to that day on set. Alright guys, I have to know: what celebrity would you like to be served by? I want Orlando Bloom to make me dinner, wearing nothing but an apron.