Bradley Cooper Looks Awfully Good In Camo On The Set Of ‘American Sniper’

If you didn’t remember that Bradley Cooper is playing a solider in his new movie American Sniper, then maybe these photos will remind you.

The very handsome actor was spotted on the LA today, showing us just what a good solider he would have made. It’s still a little jarring seeing Bradley’s new, buff physique–especially without the beard. But I guess we’ll get used to it.

So did you hear what Bradley’s next project is? 

He’s going to playing in The Elephant Man on Broadway. Bradley has already played the role before, and was actually hugely instrumental in getting it to Broadway. He’s also set to present at the Tony Awards on Sunday, so make sure to keep an eye out for him.

I doubt he’ll be wearing camo to try and blend in the scenery. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from today. Are you still digging buff Bradley Cooper or did you prefer him a bit gangly? Sound off in the comments.