Bradley Cooper Is Still Incredibly Buff, But This Time He’s Wearing A Suit

Alright guys, it’s seems this buff Bradley Cooper thing is going be around for quite some time.

Well, until American Sniper finishes shooting. Mr. Cooper himself was spotted on the Los Angeles of his new movie yesterday (May 13) proving that he can look incredibly dashing in a suit, even with some extra, manly muscles. I wonder if he and Ben Affleck trade training tips.

Bradley looked to be quite serious on set yesterday. Maybe it’s cause he’s making a movie about a Navy SEAL who killed 150 people. 

At least 150 that he was aware of. The new movie, directed by the one and only Clint Eastwood, co-stars Sienna Miller, who also made an appearance on set yesterday. She’s still rocking the red hair from her last movie, which is actually a great look on her. And I’m happy she’s working more. She’s very talented. Work that talent, lady!

OK, while Bradley does look good in his suit, I just can’t get into his new found buffness. Launch the gallery to see if it’s up your alley. I’ll just be over, looking at shirtless photos of Justin Bieber and crying over the fact that I prefer his body to Bradley’s. What is wrong with me?!