Bradley Cooper & His Permed Hair Hang Out With Jennifer Lawrence On The Set Of Their Latest Flick [PHOTOS]

Sexy Jennifer Lawrence
Lawrence Poses Pretty For Marie Claire Magazine
Are you guys ready for the most amazing set of pictures ever? Good!

Because you don’t get more amazing that permed Bradley Cooper in all his 1970s glory spotted on set with Jennifer Lawrence, who is dressed to the nines! The acting duo was spotted on the set of their film, the as yet Untitled David O. Russell Project.

Well, good to know that this is what all those curlers did to Bradley’s hair. It’s pretty intense. Umm, how long to perm curls usually last? Cause as great as it is, we miss his normal. Also, how fantastic does Jennifer look in her 1970s get-up? 

Her giant hair is beautiful, but I do wish she wasn’t wearing such a huge coat. I wants to see her lovely dress! Is anyone else kind of sad that Jennifer and Bradley don’t get to be a couple in this movie? Instead Jennifer gets to be on-screen married to a faux-balding Christian Bale. Good times!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the set. Are you loving the 70s and perms and clothes as much as we are? Sound off in the comments!