Bradley Cooper & His Perm Kick Ass On The Set Of His New Movie [PHOTOS]

Just in case you thought Bradley Cooper’s perm made him any less of a bad ass, you’de be wrong.

The super sexy actor was spotted on the set of his latest movie, The Untitled David O. Russell Project, showing off his 1970s swag and putting some “thugs” in their place.

Bradley seemed very involved in deciding how it should all go down, as can be seen from the photos. Also, this is now proof that they do indeed straighten Bradley’s hair when he goes on the red carpet. Cause we for sure saw him getting his hair permed and here it is in all its full permed glory! 

Personally, I’m super stoked for this movie. I mean, a movie with Jennifer Lawrence looking this fabulous and both Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner looking that entertaining is going to be perfect in my book. Plus, I’m super stoked about watching permed Bradley for like, 2 hours.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the set. Are you having as much trouble as we are keeping a straight face while watching Bradley with that hair and that costume? Let us know int he comments! Side note: chest hair.