Bradley Cooper & His Baby Blues Cover ‘GQ’, Talk Sobriety, Oscars & ‘Alias’

Oh goodness, gracious me. I’m like a million percent positive that Bradley Cooper’s blue eyes are staring into my soul. And I am totally OK with it.

The American Hustle star is the January cover boy for GQ and of course he looks handsome. I’m a little bit obsessed with the fact that he’s wearing white shoes without socks. How very Don Johnson of him.

While he didn’t talk about his socklessness in the interview, Bradley did open about his past struggles to get sober. 

“If I continued it, I was really going to sabotage my whole life,” he said. And did it effect his work? “I mean, it has to have. And to this day, of course, because it’s a life experience. And all I do is bring life experience. That’s all anybody really does. It’s inescapable.” Luckily, things got good for Bradley after he got sober.

“I was doing these movies, and I got to meet Sandra Bullock and meet these people and work with them. And I’m sober, and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m actually myself. And I don’t have to put on this air to be somebody else, and this person still wants to work with me? Oh, what the fuck is that about?’ I was rediscovering myself in this workplace, and it was wonderful.”

While there’s no word on whether or not Bradley will be nominated for an Oscar this year, he knew he wasn’t going to win last year. “Did I want to win it? I never thought that I would ever win it. So it wasn’t even a question of that.”

Also, did you know he sabotaged himself on Alias? (Side note: I do not remember him on Alias). “I would only work three days a week. And then for the second season, I got even more sidelined. I was like, ‘Ugh.’ And then next thing you know, I was like, ‘I want to fucking kill myself.’ ” So what did Bradley do? He asked to be written off. “J.J. [Abrams] was like, ‘Okay.’ He probably would’ve fired me, anyway.”

Launch the gallery to get an idea of just how awesome Bradley’s photo spread is, then head to or pick up the January issue of the magazine–on newsstands December 24–to see even more photos and read the full article. Seriously, I love me some Bradley.