Bradley Cooper Has A Sweaty Butt, May Remake ‘The Crow’ [PHOTOS]

It seems as if everyone wants to be a comic book hero these days, and Bradley Cooper is no exception. Variety reports that Bradley Cooper, star of Relativity’s current hit Limitless, is in talks to star in The Crow, and has already flown to Spain to discuss the project with director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who reportedly loved the actor’s take on the role.

The original Crow is perhaps most famous for the on-set death of its star Brandon Lee, who was shot with a live round by a fellow actor who thought the gun was loaded with blanks. Lee’s father, martial arts legend Bruce, also died in mysterious circumstances at the height of his fame.

PHOTOS: Bradley Cooper Looking Sad

Keeping in shape for his possible new role, Cooper was snapped yesterday (April 12) stopping to catch his breath after working out at in LA, sporting sweat stains on his pants. That must have been some workout!

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