Bradley Cooper Got Dumped In Peru

Bradley Cooper is single and possibly looking. Cooper tells BBC Radio 1 host Fearne Cotton that he was left in Peru heartbroken after his ex-girlfriend dumped him. It does suck to get dumped, but at least you didn’t get dumped in the states Cooper, you were in Peru!

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Cooper explains to Cotton, “The worst one (relationship experience) was I was dumped overseas on a bad line of a telephone. I was in Peru with an oxygen tank because I hadn’t acclimatised properly. I was being dumped… it was done like with a delay. (She said), ‘I’m happy on my own’. What, okay… It was the worst.She’s a sweetheart though.”

Cooper had a more public split was with actress and caffeine addict Renee Zellweger. Zellweger tried to make the relationship work during Cooper’s rise to the top after the releases of the films Limitless and ‘The Hangover 2. Although, the established Zellweger was willing to let Cooper shine, the relationship just didn’t work out. I thought they were the cutest couple.

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Cooper is gorgeous, so I’m sure he won’t have a problem finding another girlfriend. He’s just enjoying his success, and there is nothing wrong with that.