Bradley Cooper Gets In A Game Of Tennis With Mom Gloria

Bradley Cooper looks sexy in New York
Like any Sexiest Man In The World, Bradley Cooper must maintain his delicious physique by keeping active.  Today (December 17th), Cooper took mom Gloria to the courts for a round of tennis in Ventura, California. 

Cooper told Graham Norton on December 2nd that a third installment of The Hangover was in the works.  Oh. Yes.  Since the first two did so well (the sequel made $581), the boys are looking to write the script and get the ball rolling.

What can fans of the comedy expect for a third go-round?  “We adhered to the formula in the second one, for those of you who’ve seen it, and the third one, which would close the whole sort of trilogy, which now it would be a trilogy — even though we thought we would never make a second one, let alone anybody see the first one — I think it will take place in Los Angeles and maybe not adhere to the structure. It might be different,” Cooper explained on Norton’s show. 

I had to re-read that last bit four or five times.