Bradley Cooper Covers ‘Esquire Magazine’ [PHOTOS]

With the second Hangover out this weekend and his new rumoured fling with Olivia Wilde, Bradley Cooper is the man everyone wants to be. He recently covered Esquire Magazine and we have a preview of what he had to say about his acting career, his fellow actors and his dad.

The Hangover Part II star spoke about his career, saying how he has come a long way since being a doorman for a New York hotel and wanting to be like Leonardo DiCaprio.  Although, he is now a big name in Hollywood, he wants more than just cover stories – he wants to be taken seriously. He said:

Being in Us Weekly does not make you famous. Paul Thomas Anderson does not read Us Weekly and go, ‘Hey, look at this guy! I want this douchebag in my next film.’

PHOTOS: Bradley Cooper Shirtless!

He added how he admires his peers, such as co-star Zach Galifianakis, for the self-fulfillment they have already achieved. His father’s death was not easy on him and since he passed away he has been wearing his father’s wedding band. He also brought his mom to live with him in his L.A. home. 

What a cutie!

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