Bradley Cooper Brings His Smoulder To London, Apparently He’s A ‘Wet Kisser’

Well hello there Mr. Bradley Cooper. Fancy seeing you on this red carpet!

The super sexy actor was spotted in London hitting the red carpet at the UK premiere of The Hangover III. You know the best part of these movie premieres? Seeing Bradley all over the place looking sexy in suits. I am obsessed!

Also, nothing is funnier for me than the fact that Bradley has just this helmet of awkwardly straightened hair. Why doesn’t he just rock the curly fro? Rock it Bradley. Rock it. So, what’s all that about his kisses? 

Bradley made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show to promote his new flick–I love Graham Norton–and had one of the funniest stories about shooting Silver Linings Playbook with Jennifer Lawrence. “After the second take she said, ‘You’re a wet kisser.’ You don’t want to hear that. It was not a compliment.” Oh god, I’m dying right now.

You know what Bradley, you are more than allowed to kiss me no matter how wet of a kisser you are. Who’s with me on this? Launch the gallery to check out all the sexy from the red carpet.