Bradley Cooper & 21-Year-Old Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse Enjoy A PDA Vacation In Paris

Well guys, in case you were curious, Bradley Cooper and his 21-year-old girlfriend Suki Waterhouse are still an item.

And apparently an item that really enjoys PDA-filled vacations in Paris. Bradley and Suki were spotted reading a book and lounging on the grass together yesterday (August 25) at a park in Paris. Not a very private park, is it. There are loads of people just watching them.

The duo didn’t seem to care though as they went on enjoying said book. I can’t tell what book it is, but they seem intrigued. Said book is LOLITA!

You know, he might be 38 and she might be 21, but hey, age is just a number. So as long as they have things to talk about, it should be fine. Although they do look sorta weird together since she looks like she’s still a teenager. Maybe when she wears make-up it’s less weird.

Also, Bradley, why are you wearing running shoes? I thought we talked about this. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Bradley and Suki’s romantic outing. Think they’ll make it work? Sound off in the comments!