Brad Took Charge

The Most Beautiful Woman In The World is currently on her winged Pegasus, gliding home from Iraq to be with her gorgeous family and accompanied by swans and an orchestrated score. While she was away, Brad was the sexy movie-star caretaker. He entertained the kids in NYC after Angie jetted off to try to do her part to save our planet from war, disease, and bad attitudes.

Pitt and Zahara took a horse and carriage ride through the Park, stopping on the way to allow Brad to buy Zahra some ice-cream.

Zahara and Pitt also played on the green grass and other children and parents enjoying the afternoon in the park came over to meet the famous actor and his daughter.

Can you imagine the characters that rolled up on them? You know some of these yentas were soiling their Mom jeans. “Ohmygod, Brad Pitt. Hi,I’m Ashley and this is my little one Cassie and this must be…Z…” “Zahara.” “Oh, hi Zahara, what pretty little….” “Braids. She’s black. Yes, I’m white and she’s black. We’re aware of it.” “Oh no, I didn’t mean anything. I have so many friends who are black babies!”


Many more photos of Zahara and Brad Pitt playing in Central Park, and more from their carriage ride, after the jump.