Susan Sarandon On Brad Renfro’s Death

Brad Renfro was found dead in his apartment on Tuesday morning. He was 25. Susan Sarandon worked with him on “The Client” when he was just eleven years old, and commented on his death. “”I had the pleasure of working with Brad when he was eleven in THE CLIENT. It was obvious to everyone that he was the sweetest, most incredibly gifted young actor to come along for some time. My heart goes out to the family for their tragic loss,” she said. Seriously. What a waste. Did you guys ever see “Bully”? It was some Larry Clark teen porno-type deal but Brad looked smoking hot in it. And he was talented. It’s tragic. Brad had a past history of drug abuse and run-ins with the legals. And he was reported to be drinking on Monday night before his roommates discovered his body the next morning. The toxicology reports will take a couple of weeks, but the autopsy itself is planned for today. Stay tuned on the actual cause of death. Sad.