Brad Played Mr. Mom On Oscar Night

February 28th, 2007 // 22 Comments


While Angelina was off to Africa in her role as Goodwill Ambassador, Brad stayed home in New Orleans with the three kids.

As the couple prepare to adopt a Vietnamese child (a source tells Us they’re already on the hunt for new help to take care of the newborn), Jolie, 31, jetted off to the African nation of Chad on February 25 to visit with Sudanese refugees.

“She wants to galvanize action to end the horrors these people are living through,” International Crisis Group’s John Prendergast (who’s worked with the actress before) tells Us.

Check out the photos of Shiloh and Zahara “taking a walk” with mommy and daddy after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. Jay

    Angie: Dear Lord, than you for all my blessings though I have sinned. Please protect and give strenght to Jennifer Aniston, for being such a good samaritan and giving to the needy. Amen!
    (What was Aniston going to do with Brad anyway???? Better have him babysitt and have few lil blobs call him daddy!)

  2. Jay, i will take it one step further…
    I’m done praying to god…From this moment forward, i only pray to St. Jolie.

    I will make myself into her image. I too want to fill a home(s) to capacity with ugly little babies and never have to take care of them. I too want to steal other womens’ spouses. I too want to only eat one meal a day consisting of saltines and Earl Grey tea. I too want to spend my days (for now) with a brain-dead (use to be) boy.

    Wakka…Wakka…Wakkka…I’m so tired of these Jolie-Pitts that i dream of another Britney episode.

  3. Wakka…Wakka…Wakkka…Fozzy.
    That’s hilarious!!!

    I love that Angie is out being the man of the house and Brad stays home to be her bitch!

  4. Jinxy McDeath

    I am impressed, he was in a nominated movie so it shows they are standing by their priorities faithfully. I have a feeling they really will last as a couple and truly make a difference. Bravo! Gotta love the St Jolie!

  5. Sarah

    I almost feel bad for him. Whenever I see pictures of these two, he’s always carting around the kids – rarely her, if at all. I don’t get her appeal. She strikes me as trashy, attempting to cover it up by adopting a bunch of babies.

  6. Don’t too impressed. He’s brain-dead and has no back-bone. Master told him to stay home, he stayed.

    I cannot wait until this couple implodes!! THink of the dirt!

    (And NO, Crazy Aniston Conspiracy Lady, no one paid me for this…)

  7. newfgirl

    Say what you want about her, but maybe we should all haul our collective asses over to Darfur. At least she’s doing instead of just talking about it.

  8. Momma

    Why does a dad taking care of his children have to be referred to as “Mr. Mom”? That headline condescendingly suggests that the responsibility of rearing the kids is for moms only.

  9. MJK

    “newfgirl said:
    Say what you want about her”

    Why thank you…Here goes. She’s a self absorbed media-whore. She is trash with cash. She is a nut-job.

    Now, hop down off that cross, you are no more of a martyr than Angie is.

    Do you imagine she does anything more than show her freaky face at these meetings? Hold onto that dream.

  10. Momma
    Take your P.C. whiney ass somewhere else.

  11. Pache

    Oh please! She’s hauled her crazy psycho ass over there to do nothing. All she does is travel and let the media know she’s traveling. She lies about the donations, so she’s worthless. And he’s a loser of the worst kind and he’ll wake up one day but that crazy bitch will probably cut him before she allows her nanny to leave.

  12. newfgirl

    Oh my, did I strike a nerve?

  13. Wendy

    I’m not a mother but doesn’t Zahara seem a little young to be eating potato chips?

  14. MJK

    Oh my, no you didn’t.
    Try again later.
    P.S. get a life.

    For normal kids, i would imagine so, but those kids are already shooting meth, so a few chips won’t hurt.

  15. Oh come on people! This is the same piece of trash that sucked her brothers tongue on world-wide TV, wore a vial of blood around her neck, rode BB Thornton and had to tell people about it, who life’s ambition was to be a funeral director, collected knives and destroyed a marriage.

    She should be committed, not commended.

  16. Tonysgirl

    My question is with the adoption of soooo many children how can each of the children get goood qaulity time with each parent?

    And I agree with some when the question is brought up that you never see Angelina holding baby Shiloh.

  17. Midge

    Sylvia, you hit the nail on the head. There was discussion a week prior to the Oscars saying she did not want him to go. Supposedly they were just going to go to some after parties. So she planned on leaving town. He should have gotten a nanny to take the kids. But the Master would have punished him.

  18. catherine

    makes me laugh to hear the complaining here about that woman. that any of you bozos should do half as much as she does accidentally, this world wouldn’t suck so much. slut? attention whore? Jealous, much?

  19. me

    actually, i am a camp counselor for adopted cambodian children and it is heartbreaking to hear some of the stories of the parents who were not able to adopt their childrens siblings or of having to leave behind children that they had waited so long for after that whole jolie adoption fiasco…. and she didn’t even seems to care that she was the major cause of it

  20. DB

    all you big fat nasty stinky pussies on here are soooooooooo brave, hiding behind a computer in your little hovels and jacking off with your keyboard in your hand. What interesting lives you all lead. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  21. keis

    I love this couple. I feel quite disappointed when read such negative comments …But here is mine:

    Bratt and Angelina are just one for the other. It is lovely to see them together and their kids. Blessing s for them all!

  22. lainie

    Angelina got famous at a young age and she was not the mature, stable person she is today and she would be the first to agree. She was especially unconventional and also extremely candid—she is anything but calculated.

    People have a right to their opinion but it says a lot about a person who does not continually judge someone by the follies of their youth. This nastiness about Angie is over the top and really says more about the person with so much venom in their heart than it does about the woman who is trying her best to lead a good life. And the man that loves her.

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